Feb 22, 2024

 What Is there still a future for the Arab world? .. By: Moncef Marzouki

We may deny some say is there is still an Arab world already even talking about his future?
How we deny the legitimacy of the question and we are witnessing the disintegration of Syria and Iraq, the worsening of the civil war in Libya, Yemen and Sudan, an explosion of violence in Egypt and Tunisian authorities embark on a wall insulator on the Libyan border ” Culmination” To the tomb of the late Maghreb Union.
Yes, we are in front of a human system is 350 Million people failed with all its human and other similar groups have succeeded in the long history of history .
These peoples did not succeed in forming the framework of cooperation that combines energies and opens up markets for their products and wide such as the European Union and even such as the African Union .
These peoples have not succeeded in maintaining the minimum of independence or to impose a fair compromise on one of the most important national issues of any of the Palestinian cause, and here is do not weigh nothing compared with countries in the region such as Turkey, Iran and Israel.
These peoples have not succeeded in building up dictatorships ”patriotism” Promote the economy, even if the price of freedom, as happened previously in Chile, South Korea and currently in China.
These peoples did not work any of the tests of democracy here is where denounce the counter-revolution in Tunisia and Egypt and Libya on all gains and hopes of the Arab Spring.
These peoples did not succeed in catching up with the West as the Japanese and Koreans and Chinese have succeeded and now the Indians.
These peoples are still a scientifically and technologically, where universities in the latest list of international universities shall have no role in the explosion of media and biological engineering and artificial intelligence and renewable energies in any carving civilization of the twenty-first century landmarks.
Any nation in which the forces will enter 97 Million Mom, 60% Of them female, the economy of the new century, a knowledge-based economy with distinction and any democracies build this huge number of illiterate people exposed to an unprecedented brainwashed whether ”Scrubber” Media corrupt money or propaganda of extremist groups.
So the future of any nation for all its projects failed and is moving steadily towards disintegration and savagery?
In front of a situation like this gets the Arab Thought dizzy and private solutions in front of him and a few futile: Denial magic, resort to conspiracy theory, to flee abroad, self-flagellation?!
Fortunately, there are substantive thinking that refuses to frustration rejection of illusions.
First Arab Dharoryate put the disaster in their historical context the comparison on any other human groups and on the Arab Group itself.
Take the history of the two groups currently Alrabhtin: Chinese and Western. If we compare our situation and China's status / I found it not far from what this country knew, for the transfer of 1850 to me 1950. Vaban such a long period China suffered poverty, famine and loss of independence and prestige and fumbled in civil wars seemed not the first nor the last one of the victors was able to write on the door of a public park in the heart of the Chinese city: ”Foreclosed on dogs and the Chinese”.
Who would have bet, say in 1940, on what China Stsubhh years 2015.
Take the history of Europe between 1914 And 1945. Who would have bet on such as these peoples has developed a World War II ended, or was able to predict that it will come out from the rubble of this excruciating Peace, Democracy and Development and the European Union War .
On the idea, and even do justice to ourselves, shall we specialists to recall in self-flagellation, We are not built camps Auschwitz and Dachau and Treblinka and other hotbeds of absolute barbarism and that history testifies Gzoatna compared with the atrocities committed by our neighbors Europeans on their own land or in the land invasion in the Americas, Asia and Africa, we were extremely urbanization and humanitarian nation.
This means that those who govern us that failure may Atraithwa a little surprised by our future as surprised and frustrated all the pessimists who declared despair of rights in China and in Europe.
See now to put us in comparison with our long history and some of our people began Mhamtha five thousand years ago.
How many wars we knew! How many revolutions,! How many wins and how many defeats! How many times and how many Khrbena Basra once redefined built!.
Beyond the phenomenon? It is the eternal struggle between the two main forces that control the fate of the whole world phenomena: Living species, the bodies, empires, ideologies.
There is always a force destroying the old and worn and rotting and is capable of life .
What do we see around us, which is peace or war oust corrupt authoritarian regimes failed history sentenced to death… They destroy the ideologies has failed… They destroy the boundaries have become an obstacle is endurable.
But there is another force commends the adoption and create on the ruins of what was destroyed, and the rule that should not be forgotten that behind the strength of the bustling destruction strength to create a silent working slowly and insistence on correct all defects and remedy every deficiency and repair all the damage or the new and surprising finding.
نصرخ بالألم عندما نصاب بجرح لكن لا أحد يصرخ باللذة أو يعي بالآليات البالغة العبقرية والتعقيد التي تنطلق لوقف النزيف وبرء هذا الجرح.
For someone to say but there are diseases that kill the patient may be our nation has become in the process of the deceased, who is no longer a treatment benefit. Here we remember that, contrary to an individual who has only one copy of his body, Nations millions of them in addition to being not cease from birth and all births another chance and renewed hope.
It is true that our situation is tragic by any standards, but less bad than what we lived Sadd direct slavery and colonialism and extreme poverty, ignorance Hitter. True, there are today %30 Of illiterates among Arabs but their percentage in the last century was…. 99%.
Toynbee was the most famous British historians of supporters challenge the theory in explaining the emergence of major empires that made history. He was convinced that there is an incentive for people as individuals or nations, but the challenge put in front of them life, and that everything we do is of great things we raised this challenge . From this perspective and in front of what our nation is facing crucial challenges of my conviction that the forces of creativity and innovation and reform simmering within us, the forces of life itself, is at the level of these challenges and it is able to be made of what made our pain Chinese and Europeans from their pain.
In all cases there is a bad news for all optimists, The stage of destruction in which we live Bfezaatha may continue for a long time because there are volcanoes that emit flames Snina and decades before they emptied the accumulation of pressure from within. There is also good news for all the pessimists, Voanf volcanoes also produce the most fertile land by the flock and sumptuously by those who have suffered from the scourge of devastating explosions.
It is important to be patient on the hardship and be part of the next ease, paving the way for a peaceful nation reconciled with itself and with the world finally able to build a democratic civil states make a better future for their people, which is the right of future generations we.
What on God loved one and what outside people who are concerned if energy Hmthm including behind the throne obtained it.

the source : Huffington Post Arabic

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