Feb 27, 2024

10 Tips to avoid heat wave

With the increase of extreme temperatures and are expected to continue until early September Here are some tips to avoid damage caused by high temperatures and overcome height.

1. Drink water throughout the day in large quantities.
2. Eating salad, consisting of cucumber, tomato, watercress, carrots, eat watermelon and cantaloupe.
3. Wear white or light-colored cotton, and forbidden to wear any clothes made of industrial yarns including socks.
4. Take care not to walk in the sun directly during the period from ten in the morning until four in the afternoon, in the case of having to be put energy or something like that on the head.
5. Shower with cold water rather than lukewarm.
6. Drying the body constantly special places folds such as under the armpit, and the other and between the toes, and preferably not with paper towel and bath cloth.
7. Cosmetics not put perfume on the skin or in and out of the morning.
8. Maintaining good ventilation and lighting to reduce electrical ones, using inside the house.
9. With regard to children, it is recommended Bartdaihm industrial diapers at home.
10. Be sure to wear cotton clothes-free industrial yarns; so as not to cause any body's sensitivity.

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