Sep 25, 2023

Saudi media for " flags " coup: " And God no matter what're all Yap Mavi rice"

The Saudi media is known, Khaled Almhaoh, his anger at the attack after the Egyptians Alaalamin on his country's new policy, in the reign of King Salman, particular, the media loop Yusuf al-Husseini, yesterday, he commented “”And whatever God Tenbhon Mavi rice”.


He said a senior media in his tweetsLocation social communication “Twitter” : “Horns Egyptian media continues to Qmartha against Saudi Arabia !, God, if Tnabton and Tnabhon Mavi rice, push the saturation and everything right”, As stated in the text of the Tweet.


He continued in another Tweet suicide “Husseini” : “Who is Yusuf al-Husseini Broadcaster Bugger that attacks Arabia, Marxist communist father and his mother, editor in chief of Rose Al-Youssef anti-Islam”, As stated in the text of the Tweet.


The “Husseini” Sep Saudi media describing them b “Obaid King” كما سخر من “Storm packets” More than once, calling b”Azaaabeb”And, before that described Saudi Arabia's King Salman b”Dementia”, Also described the Saudi policy toward Syria b “Hubble and Abt”.

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