Sep 24, 2023

Orabi verses: Our problem is not with «louse coup» but with «cockroaches sink»

Put writer verses prescription Arabi brief the exemplary manner in which we must face the coup, noting that the issue is not in the coup leader lost the talent and potential, but also in the whole group, which controls the country and went helm.

Orabi said across its front page bFacebook»: عندما يزعجك صرصار خارج من البالوعة بقذارته ورائحته النتنة، فالمشكلة لا تنتهي عند سحق ذلك الصرصار بالحذاء، بل تظل المشكلة قائمة حتى ردم البالوعة وهدمها لتتعطل عن العمل نهائيا ولا يعود بإمكانها إنتاج المزيد من الصراصير.

She Orabi: Our problem does not end slide the louse coup boob, but the demolition of the system that produced the likes of insects, our problem is the whole military system with all its institutions.

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