Sep 24, 2023

Essam Talimh writes: Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the flooding of blood and violence Sea!!

Essam Talimh writes: Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the flooding of blood and violence Sea!!

Brotherhood criminal, nor are they have not only the goal of dumping Egypt in the blood and violence seas, do not think only in the destruction of Egypt and its army, Vtarejhm exudes hostility to him and its people!!
هذه عبارات لا تكف عن بثها وسائل إعلام العسكر ليل نهار، فما مدى صحتها تاريخيها وواقعيا؟ لنتناول تاريخ الإخوان والسلاح والدم بعيدا عن أي نتائج توضع قبل الحديث.
Brotherhood have established a private organization in 1940, after the end of World War II, the Brotherhood collect weapons from the area (El Alamein) Collected all remnants of World War is an important and sophisticated weapons, and most historians whole time that the Egyptian army Palestine war was weak and gaunt, he wrote a history book that the July Revolution, and the July 1952 revolution, how the number of Free Officers: twenty? thirty? thousand? What if the Brotherhood and they have decided is the Army (Your organization)، بالمنطق والحسابات والوقائع حرب في حرب فلسطين وأثبت قوته وكفاءته، ووقتها كان أقوى من الضباط الأحرار وأكثر منهم عددا وأتباعا، فلماذا لم يلجأ الإخوان لممارسة العنف والرد المسلح تجاه مجلس قيادة الثورة، وقد فكر أحد قادتهم في ذلك ولم يقبل قيادات الإخوان الفكرة، فقد فكر عبد المنعم عبد الرؤوف وهو أحد تنظيم الضباط الأحرار، حيث عرض فكرة اعتقال مجلس قيادة الثورة، وينهي الأمر، ولا يحتاج سوى ثلاثمائة فرد من التنظيم الخاص، ورفض الإخوان الفكرة، فليس في تفكيرهم استخدام العنف والسلاح، بل سيقوا بالآلاف في القطارات المدنية للمعتقلات في عام 1954م.
Prisons has entered all the members of your organization, and they went out of the prison, and they are responsible for the Muslim Brotherhood in the seventies, and it was the insistence of those leaders who founded the private organization, which was all his duties against the British and the Jews in Palestine War, and occurred him some mistakes admitted by its leaders against some Egyptians who accused the historic positions of non-national and non-democratic, yet these leaders came out determined to totally reject the use of arms, which has seen all its scientific and intelligence and security reports at home and abroad.
Then the military coup in Egypt came on the third of July in 2013, was it not able Brotherhood day of the coup that burn everything and everybody, as did the remnants of Mubarak throughout the years of the revolution, and the thugs of the Interior, and the third party which proved to be military intelligence, and instead of the Brotherhood gathered and their supporters in the fields of fourth and the Renaissance, and people danced in the fields joy military coup, that the orders for all come to leave the fields, and lowered into the police stations, and the provinces, and the main squares, and turning Egypt into a hell of violence, was a coup shaken and confused confusion eye unmistakable?! Certainly the position to do so, what will prevent them from this act?!
But Brotherhood guide between the crowd went fourth in the field to say famously: Slmutena stronger than lead, and when he was arrested all the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, including the leader, where he was armed organization defendant, pain being the first head of the Muslim Brotherhood regime to be around at least ten gunmen, to resist those who try to arrest him, Will heard about the shots dot in the sky If the door of the threat of arrest when the guide?! May explain some fools from the book of the soldiers that they were in the time of weakness, it was Space to sit, let us think as before, when it was Shater arrest, which is attributed to him all the leadership of the Brotherhood, and that he was above the guide and over the president, if so, where was the armed organization Brotherhood of leaving the first man to be arrested in the Brotherhood from the heart of his house in his underwear, was not around one guard carrying a broom stick Thish fly humming around his ear?!
Is the inability of the Brotherhood if they were violent approach owners, that surrounds every one of them around his waist explosive belt, and choose any building in which resides the military and internal men, and all the army and the internal housing between civilians and around them, in housing information to everyone, it was sit in a fourth heart, and in the mostly current and former leaders of the military housing, and the administrative and financial buildings of the army, why was not done by the Muslim Brotherhood, and they prefer a sit-in, Vhsmoa region and detonated bombs?! Is it or is it not a deficit in their plans and their curriculum?!
After a fourth resolution, why the Brotherhood did not think about it, that comes out of them five hundred people each belt wrapped a belt around his waist, and in the field of the major fields of Egypt in the timing of one and turn Egypt into seas of blood?!!
What is preventing the Brotherhood from it since the days of Farouk Abdel Nasser and Sadat and Mubarak, the military coup, it is one thing: Is their approach that does not meet with violence at all, and he knows it far and wide of the book lie, palm Could these repeating this lie, or call the blood and violence puck, which then telling them Sasah: Brought from Elf he has to spend, that if they could then spend it on!!

the source : Arabic 21

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