Feb 26, 2024

 To the red suit and Abisseha: The right not to die .. By: Sayf al-Din Abdel-Fattah

 To the red suit and Abisseha: The right not to die .. By: Sayf al-Din Abdel-Fattah

Mien home are red, exudes the remains of blood, fill the atmosphere noise of wailing and crying, and the invocation and a prayer. On the ground, falling into a martyr after martyr, and souls live up toward the sky. On the horizon on his red twilight, Tertsm Image Group threatens to Ala night, and the Red Atoadna death, Sunnah for him to fool the law, and required by the epidemic spend. Does not know is the naughty innocence, and executions of innocent people, but the great. Home sees only from behind dark glasses, black and tons of red mud in Karbala. The rule of the epidemic on the honorable great to wear the red suit.
O red suit: This time sterile puny your days, days of the coup who does not know the man, nor of human life, the value of. This blockbuster homelands where your market exposure, and is sold at the cheapest price Rights. يدفع بك قاض باع نفسه للشيطان إلى مدع للإفتاء، يتاجر بالدين والإيمان، إلى عسكر جعل من نفسه سلاحاً للظلم والطغيان، إلى حبل ومقصلة وسجان، وكلهم يسبحون بحمد السلطان، وينسون الديان.
Did you know, O red cloth, you are talking without tongue? And two tashahhuds on what is happening in our land of injustice and aggression and humiliation and abuse? And that you alone are enough to prove that the coup to the lack of execution system, and that the operators you import your nick and we do not have, however, Ertdok someday? Stertdan them, the right to justice and retribution. Mtahdok today are rustlers usurpers of the nation and the state and Khaino Secretariat, and the transgressors shall all color and all the way through. They Askar and police, judges and magicians, conspired to make the home a big prison, and the execution of the project or the citizen was killed in anywhere, and you, O red suit, a free award each fighter refuses injustice, nor will come down on criminals Alvesdh.
Do you know of those who Albsonk today and show has Xot their bodies? They are the best people of Egypt, they are scientists, intellectuals, writers, engineers, doctors, teachers, students, youth, boys, workers and peasants, jurists, judges, lawyers, journalists and media, and the House of Representatives, ministers, governors, and legitimate president, who is the first elected civilian president in Egypt's history whole, and the last of them at the moment. These are Almtdtheron bright red plonk, the Liberal righteous, threatened with death by a prostitute and tyranny; for without home to wolves and dogs, and she likes the humiliation of slaves and lackeys.
O great tipping bucket rapist who threatened with death: Peace be upon you all the time and when, peace and tranquility at the heart of the Lord of the worlds, peace and a tribute to Azaimkm relentless, and that does not Tstekin Htavatkm. The rule of the unjust death upon you, and do not have, however, carry out the will of God and they are humble, no matter grow up and Tjbroa, fill them blatant hatred and desire for revenge blind who wanted to end the era of despotism, and disembarked from the shrine and the enslavement of human deification. Today they have the day of vengeance of the revolution, and all who chanted Bsagothm, though the door of enthusiasm and emotion. They want the execution of the spirit of change at home. And they are ignorant of years ago a judge, and that change is a reality, not a false signed by.
Strong your response to this threat in all of this challenge, with all this disregard for danger and the popularity of it, Azlzlna before that shakes the tyrants, awakens in us the boundless energies, before it is set on the brutality and all the vigor of faith. The thorn has been broken and we saw tremors Mnsathm tremors and their horns, because of the immediate response to this strong Altoaadat death. جعلتم منها شهادة حياة وإحياء لنا، كما أنزلتم عليهم غيمات الخزي والخذلان ظاهرة فاضحة.
“We covenant to you and we are the people of fulfillment, not overfed in one inch of our revolution, and not to retreat from the way one step, and we are, what our best effort, will not tire of ants will not hunt serial killers”
But, my great tipping bucket who threaten them with death, which does not have a beneficial not hurt nor death nor life, nor resurrection. We will not stand so submissive to the inability or lack of power, and will not leave this puppet gang manipulating our fate, and you must not let a way to Astnqazkm, but we took, not a deterrent to stop the farce but we used. And we will not offer or epitaphs Bamadaih limit ourselves, but we will seek every door to stop the massacre, which can accommodate over national borders. The Nasrtkm and Astnqazkm duties enjoined the revolution today, and retribution every Egyptian principle of not hurting him complacency in it, and they, like us, believe that a matter of time, it Tnadl balances, and ends with the coup.
You we reign and we the people of fulfillment, not overfed in our revolution, one inch, and not retreat from the way one step, and we are, what our best effort, will not tire and will not ants hunt serial killers, and the prosecution of criminals, even Tnalhm hand comeuppance, and also subject to the fortunes of God fair.
O great: Tdhamwa will not, and Cheer. Will take off from the body of this nation red suit, and the Liberal Nmzgaha together in the field of editing, it will be worn by all of the killed or participated in the killing or the rule of the murder of the innocent, or incited to murder. Advantaged request to expedite the death penalty, and will obtain the request, and turn on the magic of capsized, and Khan and raped, and invents and lied. This Sunan not propitiate not favor nor flatter not changed nor turn.
We will meet soon under the provisions of the sanctity of justice and balance, in the ground and first floor. And together we will restore our country and our revolution and our struggle and our freedom and our dignity and our humanity. Certainly no doubt, will disappear from the face of the nation that shed blood, and are second to none Hmtkm sincere in not betray generation, see you and raise you offer and what you make of jihad and struggle great.
The execution of the provisions of the homelands, undermining of the entity and architecture. This workmanship tyrant and tyranny, killed for the future of human, exercise to sabotage the construction material, intimidation, intimidation and the loss of security and safety, tipping bucket treacherous haunt him to kill him and chasing him Gdrth. This is the case every Juan coward, and of this place Jogueth and supporters, not only to them all hwan. All of them, Lord of the Kaaba, despised, humiliated, lack of conscience in the form of the execution of human being and the future of the homelands.
أما أنتم كرماء شرفاء عظماء، أقدامكم في الأرض وأعناقكم في السماء، ولا تزيدكم المواقف إلا عظمة وقوة، فشدوا أزرنا، وادعوا بالنصر لنا، فالخزي لهم والنصر لكم ولنا.

the source : Arab New

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