Sep 25, 2023

Why foreign historians said of the Suez Canal.. By: Mohammed Inspirational

Why foreign historians said of the Suez Canal.. By: Mohammed Inspirational

The military in Egypt makes people slaves, see only what he sees the pharaoh and hear not only what he hears, and humans - only a few of them- The followers of the defeated, and oddity of the human psyche that they wear strong words of clothes of his strength and power, incredible what he says no matter how strange, ancient I told our King story which deceived some of his entourage Vooanmoh their ability to dress industry has from the sun beam and the light of the moon, Vankhadda convinced and went out among the people Naked has owned the illusion that wearing this dazzling dress, and walked among the people one did not have to say something even shouted innocent boy did not understand the power of force after: Look, I see the King naked! Fell illusion and exposed everything.
That same illusion leads him Sisi and the category of the military draft shunt the Suez Canal, which does not look to him after checking any benefits but more protection for Israel, the expansion of the channel which is water separation ominous that the separation of the land of Egypt and the isolation of the Sinai for the valley and like a line of war defensive ahead of Israel, this channel since originated represents one of the most heinous crimes in human history, the right of peoples, and the Egyptian people to pay them what priceless: Of his blood and his money, freedom and independence, dignity and security.. And still it pays, and will remain so!
It will remain so until the secular state which originated in Egypt two hundred years since the fall, and her hour will allow the boy to shout what he wanted to discover how that generation was a heinous crime of the Suez Canal, which is the generation that will not rest until the right price recovers from colonialism obnoxious countries!
I wrote two articles in this issue (first second) Vouselna torrent of insults did she receive a scientific one response, natural that the servants of the tyrants and the military do not like thinking and dislike of gripped them bondage, I loved that Ozadhm Rehgha this third article, which reviews the statements of foreigners for this channel historians and harm to Egypt, so the argument informed, since it is not Of these, my brothers or even Muslim!
We begin with the British who were the biggest beneficiaries of the Suez Canal as a whole, this was a Despite the talk about the story of the canal - far as I know he could- Egyptian-interest angle but admitted that it was harmful to Egypt.
This Raymond Fowler, in his book "Egypt from the arrival of Napoleon until the departure of Abdel Nasser," is that this channel is the "largest looting operation exceeded everything."[1], The owner of the idea and Bomber Ferdinand de Lesseps and describes by saying: "Certainly it was one of the greatest entrepreneurs of his time, as the size of the work done was fabulous ... it is the father of all crooks who robbed people of their money after earning their trust. Thing is certain that from the moment the plans for his trip to Egypt, it was not in his mind only one goal is to snatch from his friend, who did not suspect it (Khedive Saeed) A privilege to killing all made by the rejection "[2].
This George Young, in his book, which was translated part of it into Arabic and printed entitled "Egypt from the end of the Mamluk era to the end of the reign of Ismail," tells the story of the economic channel very briefly Faisal to result strange that the Khedive happy if all the money spent on the pleasures and decoration of his palace was good the country's spending on the Suez Canal, says:
"And is not a secret that his involvement (Khedive Saeed) In the Suez Canal project which is pushing Egypt to the first year of the loan and the house Uvreurlnj Jochen contract (Financial) in London (1862M) The terms of the loan foreboding has reached the amount 3.3 Million pounds (£) And usefulness 7% And the price of the stock 75% And when I realized happy death (1863M) What was the total of Egypt's external debt held such terms 10 Million pounds, but some British writers, including Evelyn Baring appreciate only three million pounds, but they forget - it shows- The amount of debt Stepper.
As most of these debts but hold spending on the channel it was not in the enormity of what could be this huge at the time that it feared for the future of the Egyptian nation financially amounts. But politically it may be good for Egypt if the luck that all the money spent in the decoration of the reception room. Because the concession of the Suez Canal has resulted in Britain's interests in Egypt after that was just a sense of moral mysterious as likely to be Egypt's importance in the eyes of the British Empire policy, has turned into a very material considerations have a link military and commercial issues affecting a greater impact in Britain strength Navy and the rule of England in India. Moreover, Britain was the moment to prevent the French from content to be for them to control the Cairo also prevented by the Russians control of Astana. But the vital interests became henceforth require exclusivity control of Cairo without all the other countries. "[3].
George Yang believes that the time available in which the project's success factors was Onhs time on Egypt, says: "Ego ruling family (Muhammad Ali Dynasty) Overstock and under the hands of the resources produced by forced labor in Egypt in recent years and what she saw from the ease in foreign loans held during the past years, all of that has helped to complete the project in time for Onhs for the benefit of the next generations of the Egyptian "[4].
Men and recognizes that the channel the most important reasons the survival of the British occupation in Egypt but he defends his people and holds a position of responsibility to the French idea of ​​the owners of the channel says: "And what is feared that the channel of great importance in the conduct of international relations was and still is one of the two main dimensions make Alassaoptin without Egypt's access to full sovereignty. The second difficulty it is of course what the Egyptians of the interests of the empire in Sudan. Valguenah So the most important factor towards the development of Egypt under British administration for a quarter of a century. Therefore, we believe the right of the British to declare aloud that they did not commit Egypt drilled "[5].
And the movement of Russian writer Galina Nikitina in her book "national ownership of the Suez Canal, the Egyptian people," -oho book translated into Arabic and published in Cairo as part of Egypt prove right in the channel campaign- English historian and publisher known as Edward Daisy say: "It never happens that the granting of a franchise to ensure such benefits for the holder of it, and cast such burdens and costs on the shoulders of the issued, such as the concession granted by Said Pasha of Suez"[6].
The novel's go to the American Consul in Egypt at the time, Albert Farman, has put his memoirs in a book translated into Arabic and published book, "Egypt.. And how their treachery ", devoted a chapter of it to the tragedy of the Suez Canal, and after that the mention of the bitter side of the story in money alone, he said in conclusion:
"Despite all these sacrifices and make money Egypt did not get any benefit, it has cost the channel Egypt heavy losses affected the trade, as it was her wild trade a wide lost college, and passing ships laden with goods and plentiful through the channel that run through the desert east of its agricultural land, but does not Egypt back on the benefit as they pass through the Mediterranean "[7].
Farman and took the tragic story of the Suez Canal might well face his country (America) It is her another tragedy in another story for another channel is the "Panama Canal", making the country better for Panamanians of France and England for the Egyptians.
He says Oleg Vulkif in his book "Cairo.. One Thousand and One Nights City "for the economic harm channel: "He was digging the Suez Canal, a fatal blow to trade Alturnzi in Cairo. It is no longer to Cairo from the previous function as a center for trade and transit trade only the first part. "[8].
These five statements collected without great effort, books in hand (All article sources available on the Internet for free download), And search for Mazzi
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