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O blessed morning years old .. By: Salim Azzouz

O blessed morning years old .. By: Salim Azzouz

Yesterday was “wedding night”, Vol. “Morning” In the custom be congratulated b “O blessed morning years old”. When these lines are published, the Festival “Shunt” Suez Canal, has adjourned, and the guests on their way to Cairo airport, after a noisy day, to be realized in the Egyptians who decided to rejoice, in line with the slogan “Egypt Btafrh”, The popular adage: “The bride to the groom and running for Mtaiss”!.
Officially, the groom is “Abd alfatah alsisi”, Which offset his failure to land and sea festivals, that we got the last of the festival, at least for this year, was the previous festivals, the most recent economic conference Festival, ends as soon as the return “Maazeem” To their homes, remained been hoped in the most important festival, as preached by the opening of a “New Suez Canal” He says informed.
The crisis seems here that the bride which Zinoha to her husband, were not as that has been marketed by, Valtafraah nothing more than a mirage Bakaah calculated by thirsty water, and as it was said that “Hungry dreamed bread market”, The Egyptians who Cyrua call for joy, you will not find on the fire guidance, it is not what was promoted to him to be achieved thanks to revenue “The new channel”, Only the illusion Bahmh and flesh, to remind us of the media blitz at the invitation of Egyptian President Sadat to wait “General prosperity” Which has never come. It seems that it has become written We have a lack of comfort”, As indispensable “Fahd Ballan”, And earned the Egyptians behind the economic conference is what will pounds from behind “Port Said”!.
That does not target the Onkd “Bani national”, I had no reason not to rejoice that for the fact that the impact of the media blitz, such as the impact “Cigarette Banjo”And it suffices that the impact of the publicity has been removed now that I went “The bride to the groom”, Sisi legitimacy is instantaneous and extremely won what could be dreamed of phantom achievements, and now certain that in the judgment who has dragged the bride went to her father's house and became a little talk about the legitimacy of the kidnapped President Dr. Mohamed Morsi!.
I also Otrbes Balsesa even if failure found what supports my position that rejects him, Verwda it is not based on his failure, but because it came to power in a military coup, overthrew the popular will, and my support for President Mohamed Morsi to its completed, was siding with the principles of democracy, and I did not and I don This early position I see a successful president. Of course the value of his mother will only be known from dealing with his father's wife, does not know the value of Mursi but from watching Sisi Ji-flops in a sea of ​​failure.


Lu Sisi succeeded what is the nature of my position from him, as the leader of a rebellion army on the country's legitimate president, came to power on the back of a tank, and the failure of Sisi came after that, and after my position that rejects him, in principle, could not be I have a mind to succeed in a project or file , Vacharaaat not Taatos successfully Whatever the size, but the Jazz us to demand the return of French colonialism, and the declaration of loyalty to the stage door and higher pre-July Revolution 1952 Dug the Suez Canal, and not just “Shunt” Brewing infidels in the top of Napoleon Bonaparte, although it has not been implemented in his reign, he was persuaded by his envoy de Lesseps Khedive Saeed, and received approval “Porte” Drilling on the project, which is calculated for the completion of settlers, and the era before the movement of army officers, the project did not intercede on his greatness to those who were behind him, was the evacuation of the colonizer and a national goal, and with this achievement Egyptians July Revolution and its officers have endorsed!.
Suez Canal, has not been given the legitimacy of the owners, to give “Shunt” Her legitimacy to Abdel Fattah al-Sisi!.
We can not deny that the railway linking southern Egypt its north, which is the largest project in the past three centuries, is one of the achievements of the British occupation, was this gigantic project legitimacy remember the occupation of England granted, did not prevent the struggle of the Egyptians for his departure, which was the target nationally not Akhaddhh that the occupier is made from Egypt is the second country in the world after England arise railway lines.
Meaning, I would not mind to be “Port Said” A successful project, it is natural that any governor to succeed – His failure – In any file, even Mubarak, his successes remember him, but do not prevent people from dropping to its legitimacy, it did not prevent him to trial strongly Revolutionary payment, to intervene before the counter-revolution and release him!
But the bitter truth, that the draft “Port Said” Despite what it spent, does not represent a noteworthy achievement and has no significant economic benefit, but this was the statements made by officials in the rule of conflicting Sisi, it is an annual income of up to one hundred billion dollars, to rise in the channel in 2023 with revenue solutions, to 13 Billion dollar.. “O death donkey”!
It was therefore natural to fill the void in the talk about the economic feasibility that the team Mamish become responsible for the Suez Canal to “Undertaker concerts” He says that the celebration of the opening of the new Suez Canal will be legendary, as if he had become responsible for concerts “Nights TV” Which stopped several years ago!.
The most important and largest news agency in the economic world has said “Bloomberg” That this project is not needed by the world, and will not have an economic feasibility, and will not raise the revenue of the canal and the movement, the movement is not crowded, including calls for expansion!.
If the running for Mtaiss after you go “The bride to the groom”, Fmwkd that the groom has now joined the Corps Almtaiss, after I left the bride to the house of her father, because the masses that participated in the weddings, and did not pay attention to the words of the experts about the futility of the project, would wait for what it promised, began the account from the moment of adjournment Samer, and the end of the generator, to be on a date with despair, and as has been said, the Please Abdul and despair free!.
It amazes me the fact that this failure became inevitable result of the performance of each is doing Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, did not succeed in one project, and did not even until Hosni Mubarak, a stunning failure became its owner as a whole with him on his master wherever addressed not come okay.
As if making his enchanting “Pursuant to inferiorly” On the tail of a whale, and the whale threw in Suez Canal. In waiting of catches for lifting the work and invalidate the magic!.
There is nothing wrong, Vsbahih years old, my blessing.. You all “Ersan”

the source: Arabic 21

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