Mar 4, 2024

Lamp: Stop me from traveling «farce» did not occur in the era of Mubarak, Mursi

Lamp: Stop me from traveling «farce» did not occur in the era of Mubarak, Mursi

Abdel Halim Qandil, columnist, editor of the newspaper «said the voice of the nation», he was surprised prevented him from traveling, on Saturday morning, despite a court ruling to cancel prevented him from traveling since 23 November 2014.
وأضاف قنديل في تصريحات صحفية لـ«المصري اليوم»، إنه كان متوجها إلى عمان على متن طائرة مصر للطيران رحلة رقم 719 Leaving Cairo at eight o'clock this morning, to give a seminar at a conference, was surprised when prevented him from traveling.
He Qandil «what happened involves a farce, after he informed me that the airport authorities, they do not recognize in the implementation of the abolition of the rule of decision to ban him from the Ambassador that her Introduction», noting that they had told him not to recognition of other than what comes to them from Passports.
Qandil said he tried to contact the prime minister, Ibrahim Mahlab, but he did not reply to him only after the plane left already, pointing out it is the second time that prevents them from traveling .
وتعجب قنديل من منعه من السفر في عهد السيسي، رغم موقفه المؤيد لها، لافتًا إلى أنه لم يمنع من السفر من قبل سواء في عهد حسني مبارك، أو في فترة محمد مرسي، رغم معارضته الشديده لهم.
It is noteworthy that Kandil, and others tried to edema, known as «insulting the judiciary» case.

the source : Egyptian today

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