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 Rejoice, dog! .. By: Abdel-Rahman Youssef

 Rejoice, dog! .. By: Abdel-Rahman Youssef

No right of the citizen in joy under the military regimes, but what happened at the opening of the so-called New Suez Canal was something unimaginable, verse overturned, and after that it became a criminal taboo joy and duty required… I have issued the military regime headed by “Sisi” Egyptians on their right to mourn, or their right not to rejoice, they have begrudged them their right to live isolated from the bubble leader phantom filled with joy and achievements.
I do not blame those who rejoiced… Broadcaster heard of Ahmed Saeed data dropping in dozens of aircraft 1967 They were in glee, and believed the missiles omnipotent and triumphant, and enchantments Toshka… Etc. All these rejoiced, and are free, the problem is that the joy of the day compulsory !
The mouthpiece of the regime today Rejoice, because the dog masters Asaker Amarok joy !
Tznna exaggerating?
OK… Did you know that the President of the detective, and the President of the neighborhood, and dozens of state officials all of them have passed separately on schools and shops and advertising firms, charities and forced everyone to put up signs joy that flooded the streets? Banners have forcibly sold to some people, and refused to pay the price in ways that we know it !
Stsolna any neighborhood that?
I will tell you that is easier to ask me any neighborhood in which this is not done !
I've been to blackmail people, and threatened licenses, fines and taxes… Etc. and to rejoice with “Sisi” In Great Venkoucheh, and the majority of these signs were to be placed without the sword killer.
The joy Kalhzn… My heart pure work, but this sense does not understand military serial killer, and the snapshot is complete, in their view is the most important, it is imperative that the people fill the streets and Aldbadeb Balblalin and other manifestations of petty superficial joy.
Is the snapshot is complete?
Asaker ignorance prevents them from completing the snapshot professionally… The choice of yacht “Unguarded” Evidence that the plans for the ceremony has nothing to do on Egypt !
It is like the center to hold the wedding of tombstones !
This yacht was ominous on the upper whole family, what to take off, but the king of them boarded the yacht into exile outcast vanquished, it is the yacht that Astqlh Khedive Ismail after isolated from the throne in 1879 To Italy, a yacht that sailed in 1914 Head Lice Khedive Abbas Hilmi II into exile in Turkey Balastanh.
It is the yacht that carried the former Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, on his way to his marriage contract to Princess Fawzia sister of the late King Farouk in 1939, and it was ominous to the Shah and Shah's family even after a while !
A yacht, which has seen the last king of the top family he left Egypt in haste, disqualified on the run, Fastqlh King Farouk I to Italy in 26 July 1952, after the abdication of ruling Egypt for his son Prince Ahmed Fouad II, with his daughters princesses with him aboard the yacht.
Use this more than the yacht heads of the republic was Sadat, and end the tragic everyone knows, it is strange that this yacht is used in such a circumstance experienced by the Egyptian regime is stable, and who knows… Perhaps God writes of this system and to Mr. “Sisi” Something of the blessings of this holy yacht !!!
As for the project, which they asking him joy… I will assume that the project, which it Sdona (Even through the Holy Quran Radio) successful… I say with confidence that the success of the project will not forgive murder and indecent assault, theft, displacement and burning the bodies and the arrest of children.
Successful projects do not prevent serial killers to good guys… The truth is that serial killers are not brought to a successful home projects… Thugs do not provide for their homelands only murder, and if we assume that the serial killer what gave us a successful project, we say to him, Go, you and your projects to hell We do not want only a free homeland generous!
At a time when the joy painted mandatory for Egypt… Egyptian state killed outside the framework of the law a group of innocent citizens in Fayoum, and dragged their bodies, and photographed the bodies, and published the pictures with pride.
Is this the joy that swept Egypt?
Of murder does not concern… Tell them that the foreign currency reserves has decreased as the central bank announced to 18.5 Billion dollars, which is very dangerous, but despite that the state did not hesitate to spend nearly a quarter of a billion pounds at the opening ceremony of the alleged project… If objector objected to this extravagance… It is a traitor!
Some say that even if the project was a failure, but it demonstrates the ability of Egyptians to do anything, because the completion of drilling in one large Completed !
And the bitter truth that the cost of drilling in such a short time ribald work, and is doing does not care about the economic viability of the project, Valhfr in this short time, the cost doubled several times without any return in profit, and I do not know what is the achievement in the rental dredgers from the whole world the most expensive prices to complete work at double the cost?
This foolishness, and wasted billions of value needed by the country Doomed military rule for decades.
Egypt has been filled with banners economic conference then ended up in less than a month to nothing, and the effect of the illusion syringe this will end in a shorter time, all of that, unfortunately, having to pay the people of Egypt 120 Billion pounds (The principal and interest) The project does not benefit anyone, and does not provide any little thing for world trade, and will not increase the income of the channel, and will not serve anyone but the UAE, which brought us out of the competition for the World Trade cake, and serve “Sisi”, It gave him a beautiful historic snapshot wearing a suit military honors on the back of probation, waving to the sands, almost Aafts of the free because of the bullet-proof T-shirts… Who knows… Perhaps soon go down in history of a wider doors… From unguarded door !
NB: We are in front of awestruck by the words System (Revolution… The line-up), And the idiots still other currents look to defeat the revolution, and promote the impossibility of the lineup !
I say with confidence… Revolution going on, us or Bgurena … The line-up has begun in check, he began in prison cells and detention centers… And flared at universities, and will be completed in the streets and squares, God willing,.
Egypt has lived for the Egyptians and the Egyptians…

the source : Arabic 21

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