Mar 4, 2024

Video.. Zoba defies coup to submit favor of honest

Video.. Zoba defies coup to submit favor of honest

Hamza challenged the leadership of Zoba -altdt Media Freedom and Justice Party- Coup to provide one person is doubtful or discharged by the authorities issues or suspicious files, to defend the military coup in Egypt.

Hue Zawbaa – During his program broadcast on the channel “Perfecting” Yesterday evening, directed his words to the authorities Alaskar-: “You are exhausted state billions spent on the military and the military, humanitarian and exhausted the deliberate murder outside the law”He said, adding: “Hate Anqa in the hole and de Ansrkh Bs Mesh Ajaopk it'll end.. You are the most important or you Amadhok”.

He added: “You are a failure and is confident of yourself and thief, and what happened is the coup.. It will not work and will not be able to succeed”.

He continued talking about supporters At Sisi- Saying: “Some supporters of the Cisse admitted that a military coup has occurred, however, they declared support for Cisse and hatred of the Muslim Brotherhood, pointing out that most of the defenders Sisi system they issues dirty and files, and questionable in the same covenant, defying that someone is questionable coup appears in his duty to defend Sisi.

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