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Elevator from Germany to Krakh the Suez Canal.. Sisi feel the affects of approaching him

Elevator from Germany to Krakh the Suez Canal.. Sisi feel the affects of approaching him

Activists mocked and Mgrdon what they called b”Sisi jinx”؛ حيث أكدوا أن المصائب والكوارث دائمًا ما تحل على البلاد أو المؤسسات التي يقوم قائد الانقلاب العسكري عبدالفتاح السيسي بزيارتها، وذلك أثناء وجوده في الزيارة أو بعد مغادرته تلك البلاد على الفور.

And through social networking sites, monitoring Mgrdon activists and a number of those incidents which tied b”Jinx” السيسي، بحسب قولهم، معبرين عن آمالهم أن يقوم السيسي بزيارة عاجلة لدولة الكيان الصهيوني “Israel” حتى يحل على الصهاينة نحس السيسي ويستريح العالم من شرهم.

The sinking of intimidation after the opening of Port Said

وكان آخر نحس للسيسي -بحسب النشطاء- هو تعرض الكراكة “Barakat” One of dredgers operating in the expansion of the waterway Btafraah the Suez Canal to the collision incident mph four in the morning at dawn today, hours after the opening of the new Sisi shunt.

The official source said the Suez Canal Authority, the direct cause of the sinking and smashing intimidation “Barakat” Delinquency is due to one of the ships passing convoy south kilobytes 13 Channel numbering and colliding Besal Residential special workers to intimidation; which led to the crash parts of Alsal drowned intimidation did not hurt any of the crew of intimidation, were seized at the compound causing the accident.

To this, the band was able to save the Suez Canal Authority, to raise the intimidation, using a giant crane and put it on both sides of the channel.

ولم تكن هذه الحادثة هي أول حوادث السيسي؛ فقد سبقها الكثير من الحوادث؛ فقد شهدت زيارة السيسي لألمانيا العديد من المواقف النحس.

Jinx in Germany

It all started when the elevator which at least German Chancellor Angela Merkel crashes, before the press conference, which gathered Balsesa, causing it to apologize to the audience because of the delay on the date set for the start of the conference.

Merkel appeared on signs of fatigue, and spoke with difficulty at the beginning of the conference, after he had to use ladders in the German Chancellery building to get to the hall.

And it has become a subject of ridicule and sarcasm many; because of the sudden crash that hit the German machinery world-renowned, known decades-long durability, making it the proverbial.

Broadcast interruption during the conference

It seems that the jinx Sisi was a force that made him infects devices in Cairo, while the coup leader in Berlin; where cut off the live broadcast on Egyptian television during the press conference for the transfer of Cisse and Merkel on the air.

After several minutes, the broadcast of a new back, new viewers to be surprised filmed from different angles, and the voice of someone else is the translation from German into Arabic.

مصرع المؤيدين

Sisi was hurt jinx machines only in Egypt and Germany, but has spread to humans from his supporters; where three of the supporters of the coup were killed, on Wednesday morning, on their way to Berlin.

The three were killed in a traffic accident in Vienna, capital of Austria, during their arrival to Berlin to participate in the pause pro-Sisi, he was hit with a fourth woman who was with them in the car was seriously injured.

Sisi accompanied “Ebola” During his visit to Europe

In conjunction with the visit of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to EU countries notably France and Italy, the World Health Organization recorded the first infection “Ebola” Italian killer in Sierra Leone to a doctor who was transferred to Italy in case.

At the same time, the euro posted its biggest loss against the dollar in two years.

Russia jinx

During a visit to Russia Sisi and Russian participation in the celebrations of Victory 79, last May, a fire broke out in a tank was part of military vehicles that participated in the celebration Offers.

The video appeared, the escalation of the flames from the tank and attempts by Russian officers fire extinguishers, and the parade was attended by 15 A conscript and 2,300 veterans, and reviewed the 200 Russian military vehicles, including a tank “Armata” Offering for the first time, also attended by land, air and naval forces.

Sisi in Japan

Japan has not delivered the State of the phenomenon “Jinx”; As soon as the visit of Prime Minister of Japan for Cisse, and announcing the donation of his country with the financial support of 200 Million dollars to fight what was described as”Terrorism”, The visit cost the State of Japan, two of its nationals kidnapped in Syria lives.

The collapse of the Kuwait Stock Exchange

And also commissioned a recent visit to the State of Kuwait, a sharp collapse in its bourse indices are unprecedented.

Emirates Stock Exchange

In conjunction with his visit to the UAE, last March year, the Dubai Mercantile Exchange fell, at the close of trading on Wednesday, and has achieved the biggest daily loss since more than six months, thus leading to the decline solution with all Arab markets with the exception of Jordan Stock Exchange.

It fell Market General Index Dubai, by 3.81%, to reach 3935.79 Point, and this decline is also the second-largest loss in a single day since the corporate debt crisis in the emirate in November 2009.

While Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange fell to its lowest level in more than a month, after the index closed the day down by 2.7% And arrived at the 4650.17 point.

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