Mar 4, 2024

An important statement from the family of President Morsi

An important statement from the family of President Morsi

نشر عمر محمد مرسي نجل الرئيس مرسي عبر صفحته الشخصية بموقع التدوين المصغر “Facebook”_ Published a statement in which he said:

An important statement to the people of the family of Mr. President ….. ١- We call caution firmly and decisively acting against Mr. President, as is the punishment will not keep affects all alone executioner unjust and inducible . ٢- Mr. President of the Egyptians able-bodied men and women Iehdoh enough to walk on his path and impose his will by appealing to the polls and the preservation of the revolution and retribution for the blood of the martyrs. ٣- We emphasize that all measures setback since July 2013 to now is nothing either did not recognize him, including lead. ٤- The president's family is in the heart of the revolution since it erupted in January know very well that the path of the revolution and the path of salvation is for men and by the sacrifices of Jalal We renew our allegiance to your Excellency and we oversee Bdrbak trail Azza and homeland.



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