Mar 4, 2024

Learn " martyr Muhammad Mahdi Radwan" Who died in the coup prisons

Learn " martyr Muhammad Mahdi Radwan" Who died in the coup prisons

He wrote human rights activist, Mr. Haitham Abu Khalil through his personal site on Facebook explaining biography of the martyr “Mohammad Mehdi pilgrims” Rabbo, who was in the coup prisons today as a result of medical negligence, as stated in his publication the following:

Shahid story today in Alexandria :
See what's new martyr of Alexandria, who was executed in the sandbox police department's second-hours since Baltkds medical negligence :
Mohammad Mehdi Mehdi pilgrims 42 Public
Birth – Alexandria
Education – In that he graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University in very good estimate
Upbringing – He grew up in a family dominated by tradition and religion
Scientific skills and practical experience
After completing undergraduate studies under looking for the opportunity to work, which was a real dream and ambition that almost kills both earned a college degree or other to get his dream ( The opportunity to work )
Having reached the extent of desperation to get the job, after a rush of several of them, thinking that it will inevitably be rejected in Ptkadirh qualified scientific
He began learning English until he reached the highest level and is already making a testimony to Petrojet company and got the desired function but after a few months after the company has grown to the attention of management through the worst of human beings and condemns it in moderation morals of others exaggerated .. It was the biggest concern is
((( Mohammed separation from his work )))
Vdberoa intrigue him until they reached the psychological condition to a head and forced him repeatedly to leave his job as being not valid for this place after that robbed him of some of the documents from his office …
And soon his health deteriorated so it came to him unnecessary bed for several days
When he returned to work he was surprised by the decision of his dismissal from his job
Was desperate conflict and the search for the lost access to the access to the ring and quick solutions but also said God's mercy : We are in Egypt

Mohammed did not stop at that, but keeping and studied the Koran and the Koran take note of the work and work the angles in one imam prays with people

Muhammad began a new phase in his life studying graphics and multimedia designs was the first religious cards and supplications Sayings and continued this work despite the lack of its revenues, but he would have loved that area who excelled in it

The last thing that is reached by Mohamed teaching English in excess of the different levels and stages of study over the last three years .

He has already been arrested on charges of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood during his arrest and was acquired on his mobile phone and your computer and do all the CDs in the field of his studies and his work .

And always and never had a good race
He was orphaned into account in the teaching of English language to them free of charge but also in all his shares and his lectures were it motivates them and urging them to excel in providing gifts each time for outstanding students of his students .

the source: Facebook

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