Mar 4, 2024

Ardamha O Cisse .. By: Wael Kandil

Ardamha O Cisse .. By: Wael Kandil

Idiots only interpret your objection to the accompanying National hallucinations for additional shunt opening of the Suez Canal, and the lack of national belonging, or attempt to deprive Egyptians of joy is absent and stingy and niggardly.
The misfits wise and know that nations are not built on illusion, and nations are not progressing oppression, major national projects and not founded on anger and maliciousness.
What we saw, and we're seeing so far, from the bustle of ribald, accompanied by expansion, the implementation of doubles times in earlier eras, is a continuation of a project to invest in ignorance, speculation through deception and sorcery, and gambling Egyptians savings, for a wild party system rule shed blood what makes it red shunt , no matter how they put it of bleaching powder and cosmetics.
Having gone ecstasy, the idea came, and began to flag snatch tiny spaces on sorcery map, people are facing the fact that deception which did not leave anything to be installed, only used it, even the angels and the prophets and messengers and holy texts they used to dig trenches lying and grooves political monument.
However, the worst is in the scene is a cheap use of child cancer patient, clothed in military uniforms, and took him to accompany General, then Aftersuh television to repeat their arguments, without mercy for his suffering, or pity illness, so it comes with one to claim that the way to heal the blessing and miracle dredgers drilling.
that “Militarization “Child cancer seem an extreme example of a project “Delimited” Leader, convert it to the mascot and icon of healing, the leader who began his reign myth meatballs device that heals all diseases, and prevent AIDS into energy, fuel and food, making drama Estmar child does not differ much from the lab poor, who clothed costume generals, and awarded him the rank of Major General technician investment.
And a continuation of this approach Alngyiba, the team head out Mamish Canal Authority, to say “The new ships crossing the canal is crossing the nation and the state of the darkness to the light and the measure of success”, Following “I felt that the consistency of the angels around us and Ehna Mahien”.
God did not create the angels to help murderers and liars and hijackers homelands, and thieves revolutions, and Mazba in prison and prisoners, an end rape and death, but they do not hesitate to “The militarization of the angels”And summoned to the opposition and Kid Agaztha, as announced dredgers camp and audience “Alhmishqih” Residing feasibility of projects, the extent of its ability to Almkaadh.
Had I followed the statements issued by the jubilant Camp New Baltafraah, you will find revolves around one main idea, is that the value of the project stems, for them, it is a blow to the opposition, especially belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, without distinction between the former foreign minister, or a group of “Vashist Tuk Shoes”.
In the face of this hysteria, one wag commented the launch of an invitation bearing the slogan “Ardamha O Cisse”As long as the goal is Almkaadh President and teasing, and if that has been achieved by drilling, it would “Backfill” And that Vexes Liquide “Brotherhood” more.
They believe that the opening of Port Said means to bury all forms of dissent, and dumping all manifestations of protest against the will of the military rule in its waters, but all that evaporated with a wider protests taking place in Egypt yesterday outbreak, a rejection of the Civil Service Law enacted by the General, without a parliament and without a community dialogue , and without the expense of reactions, or more likely, they thought they had succeeded in eradicating all the glands of the protest, and the destruction of public awareness of the cells forever.
Thousands of workers and staff out what he called “A workers' revolution”And blocking the streets of downtown Cairo, and at a temperature killed 21 Egyptian Ministry of Health figures, it confirms that one hundred shunt is not enough to swallow the cries of anger against the regime governing the stick and exorcism, and announce the truth and clear as the sun, says the tyranny Ohn than to confiscate people's right to a decent life, just because he is digging shunt, or built the pyramids of illusion and myth.
Fell legend “No voice is louder than the voice of intimidation”And began to regain consciousness buried under millions of cubic meters of the drilling process.

the source : Arab New

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