Feb 27, 2024

Hisham Geneina

Hisham Geneina

Hisham Geneina, head of the Central Auditing Agency defended himself in response to statements attributed to the lawyer Farid Al-Deeb considered in office “A threat to the country”, Saying,: “I am a danger to Farid Al-Deeb and Elly uniform.. A threat to all those who defend corruption.. Anyone who wants to close the files of corruption”.

He said the Garden, during a meeting with the media, Wael Ibrashi in the program “Ten pm” Broadcast via satellite “Dream”: “I am aware that if he closed the tap corruption who Aaizinha Professor Fred and others I am sure and confident that many of the social issues will end and will not create a suitable climate for terrorism, corruption is more dangerous than terrorism”.


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