Feb 21, 2024

Mysterious deaths and sovereign "" Check the possibility of a pandemic

Mysterious deaths and sovereign "" Check the possibility of a pandemic

كشفت مصادر في وزارة الصحة أن “Sovereign hand” To investigate a possible outbreak of a deadly epidemic in the country after the mysterious deaths recorded in a number of hospitals in different provinces over the past three days series. The sources confirmed that there are serious secretive about the real numbers of deaths mysterious, witnessed by hospitals.

Sources of the Ministry of Health: There are three hospitals in Cairo alone has seen more than 55 deaths

The sources pointed out, stressing anonymity, that “There are three hospitals in Cairo alone has seen more than 55 deaths, in the areas of Helwan (Jnvba), Shoubra (Northward), Olives and Nasr City (East)”. The sources pointed out that including one hospital has seen 38 deaths last Friday, and most of the deceased in the young ages, they had arrived wounded hospitals rise in temperature reached 42 and 43, in some cases, all of whom are infected with symptoms similar.

According to the sources, these developments pushed “Hand in a sovereign state to take over the investigation file in the matter, particularly in light of fears of an outbreak of a mysterious virus”, While other sources revealed”Arab New” that “There are skeptical that these injuries are the result of meningitis or meningitis”.

The Minister of Health, just infection, had announced in an official statement issued by the ministry, there are 21 deaths, but he attributed those cases to higher temperatures taking place in the governorates of Egypt. In spite of his assertion that all of the deaths of the elderly, it announced the formation of a scientific committee to investigate the causes of death, which he said was the result of blows Sun.

But private sources within the Ministry of Health denied for”Arab New” Health infection remarks, noting that “The number of deaths is much higher than the number announced. Most of the deceased from the relatively small age stages”. The sources pointed out that “The minister instructed agents to the ministry specialists by emphasizing all the doctors in the hospital not to talk about the real numbers or causes, so as not to be subjected to heavy penalties”.

وزير الصحة أصدر تعليمات بالتشديد على كافة الأطباء بعدم الحديث عن الأعداد الحقيقية للوفيات أو أسبابها

Article Gentlemen document from the International Health Regulations that “Each State Party shall events occurring in the territory of the application of the principles and guidelines to assess and notify the World Health Organization using the most efficient means of communication available, through the National Contact Center on International Health Regulations, and in the meantime 24 Hours of assessment of public health information of all events that may constitute a public health emergency of international concern, in accordance with the guidelines for decision-making, any health measure implemented in response to those events”. Which has not been implemented by the Egyptian authorities, so far.

The infection has passed a resolution to transfer any infected from heat stress to hospitals fever cases, while sources confirmed that the “Fever hospitals at the level of the Republic declared a state of emergency and raised the degree of readiness of the maximum degree of anticipation of the increasing numbers infected with the same symptoms in the coming days”.

Also it demanded that the Ministry of Health, through the media, citizens with plenty of fluids and lack of presence in poorly ventilated places, and repeated showers a day and follow the necessary methods of prevention in crowded places.

the source : Arab New

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