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It happened on the day of the massacre .. By: Walid al-Sharabi

It happened on the day of the massacre .. By: Walid al-Sharabi

Memories and Tales of a fourth will not end and the more fired from lived these days rein to their memories, the one will be remembered things and things and whenever checked to consider the details of events and found new things you may discover for the first time, among them the memories of what has been with a friend of mine Petroleum engineer working in one of the Western countries years ago He does not suffer shortness of his life and God is pleased him a lot of his affairs, but he Abe, however, leaves the money and the boys, work and comes to Egypt, specifically in the headquarters of the sit-in inside the Rabi'a field until we got to the day of the massacre. Forces stormed the killers of the parties to the field armed with their guns mechanism that assails them live bullets at protesters besieging Vtm my friend and others with him in front of one of the buildings on the edge of the field
And the forces of the army and the police pointing their guns and kill them in cold blood, and with the approach of troops and increase the number of dead had left them to engage in the entrance to this property (Architecture) But the police forces did not leave the inside of the property to their own devices I came near more and more and already many were killed inside the property entrance With the approach of the police to enter the property forced my friend to climb to the first floor, along with some young people and others remained refused to climb to the top floor and is only a few moments until he heard my friend It is with him that those who are on the ground floor are liquidated in cold blood Aftrq my friend and his doors of apartments on the first floor so that they might find it opens them Faihtamoa inside his apartment next death but no one opens the door of his apartment was forced my friend to climb to the second floor quickly and with three boys, as happened on the first floor happened on the second floor did not open a commanded my friend a boys to break the door of one of the apartments, while my friend will monitor the peace to know the police officers movement he hesitates boy on the implementation of something my friend who Nahra Then the boy broke the door, and quickly entered my friend and his of the boys to the apartment and closed it on themselves moments and started a police calls from the front door (If in the end has a somewhat strange Icola Ahan Naqbd him and Mavi any problem with the owner of the apartment) My friend standing behind the door, along with the boys and could not hear them, but the pulse of their hearts, repeat members of the police call several times and then they went away, and everyone started picking his breath and discovered that the apartment has no one remained my friend who at the age of forty-eight-year-old inside the apartment, along with three boys the oldest has a nineteen-year-old found the apartment tidy and the organization and the image of the husband and his wife veiled Arshma day in the lounge and the great Koran is in a great place and prayer mat folded on one of the seats, while the police forces were stationed in front of the property (Belmua bodies) My friend ordered the youth not to enter into the bedrooms, and spend the rest of the day and night sitting in the lounge or sleep on the floor .
Then began dating between my friend and his friend did not follow any of this religious group, while the three boys are young Muslim Brotherhood
Then my friend young people who were with him asked what the reform of the apartment door, which Ksrnah replied a young those who break the door lock and the door itself properly and that the new lock at most two hundred pounds, waving my friend out of his pocket six hundred pounds down the ground the telephone in the living room and placed the value of the contact of this phone his mobile phone number in order to be able to contact the owners of the apartment then .
Spent my friend and his companions the night and in the morning there were no forces the bottom of this property to the police they departed quietly one after the other and it was my friend is the last of them to turn away the same day he returned to the state in which it operates, and passed nearly four months on this event and during a visit to my friend in Cairo Contact apartment that had taken refuge inside a number responded lady explained to her what my friend on the massacre happened and why they broke the door of her apartment and is fully hear Binsat without its intersection then asked her Do Astmutai six hundred pounds down the landline? Here was a shocking surprise to my friend told him that she did not find Ms. thing I apartment has been stealing all its contents did not keep anything inside the apartment !!!
The authors did not expect this response, but he told her he took full responsibility and asked her what is the value of everything that was stolen and I will send you any amount Ttlp.
I asked him, Are you are of the Muslim Brotherhood? I embarrassed my friend, although it is not the Muslim Brotherhood, but it is thought that this lady wants to be accused of stealing her apartment Muslim Brotherhood replied no I'm not of the Muslim Brotherhood .
I asked him whether Ms. rest of you were from the Muslim Brotherhood? The authors can not lie and they told her three young people from the Muslim Brotherhood . If Ms. laugh and say I was doubt before connection at the property guard that he is the one who stole the apartment, and now confirmed that he is the one who stole it because the Muslim Brotherhood is not including the thief then said to him, provided the owner and God bless you and raise you injustice I'm happy that you used my apartment until after stealing because I Now I feel like I Harkikm reward. ‫#‏To Ad_hraba

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