Dec 9, 2023

Do you die ideas oppression and tyranny? .. By: Essam Talimh

Do you die ideas oppression and tyranny? .. By: Essam Talimh

To receive a large fools well-deserved title, thinks that the ideas expire and die oppression and domination, whether the idea was false or true, an important lesson not keep this in mind many tyrants and dictators, nor is going on in Vllekem, even if they were heads of pens, Prosecutor culture and thought, this is the law of ideas, still remain and die, if they are directed by force and tyranny, there is not work with them useful killings and displacement, torture and abuse, whether it is true or false ideas.

Understand that some of the rulers, and the ignorance of many of them, thinking that he would come, including not mentioned in the first, understand that by Hercules Roman commander In his interview with Abu Sufyan before his conversion to Islam, asked him about the companions of Muhammad, peace be upon him, and what they are doing at them from torture and conquer , I asked him,: Is it increasing or detract? He said: And even increase, said Hercules: As well as followers of the prophets do not increase them, but the large number of torture and resilient.

This model of true idea which does not strengthen the might of any governor to end, prove the law that settled in the history of the world, and function models on the survival of the idea if it is null and void if they are directed by force, a famous model in history, as the (Qraqvsh) It Bahauddin Karakus, has spread the idea that it is unfair and Jabbar and wanton, so common in popular phrases (Karakus rule) When people denouncing the injustice of man, or intransigence and stupidity in power and act!

The reason for this: Dependence on book (Alvachoc in the provisions of Karakus) Attributed to Asaad bin dying, a book filled with lies about the man, who was the closest I love ministers Saladin to his heart, the writer of Gen. al-Isfahani says: “He said Sultan (Any Saladin): “What I see of the adequacy of the important thing; and keeping speeches Malam, but last Gallant arrow, and Shining understanding, gallant Mahrb; unveiled the experimenter; polite Allozaa; Almrajab Alolmaa; and most correct opinion; the successful pursuit; sufficient pre-schooler overcoming Jawameh; and modify Jawanh; a bibliography which does not Atzlzl; and Tod who does not Athhal; (Bahauddin Karakus) Which ensures composure including not guarantee its armies”.

(He managed the fence on Egypt and Cairo, rolls and surpassed the effects of his stallions phenomenon, Venomrh Istnab that there Acetkver of those for the full architecture, Namrh for this thing is worthy of the matter and the emirate” Kotb and attendees, to take over things, and fence building. Bringing Mtakafla during work, the weight of Tmla. Impressed Sadr work, and hope expanse password. Beaming about it, thank Mmeltahja).

And see how he was able to convert Facts cynical writer of this great man to untruths about it and that it is stupid and unfair, which is one of the greatest geniuses of judgment fairer and stronger and smarter, died the truth, and remained the false idea, because it did not face the idea of.

In recent history many events that the thought never die of murder and violence against its adherents, was not able cells torture, it sticks gallows erase the idea, because the idea of ​​a force protecting the sanctity force but stronger than an idea, and the argument was informed and the brightest of them clearer and proof, this history lesson and present who does not keep this in mind all the world tyrants, and all the pharaohs of Egypt, it was not for the shadows of the Qur'an and Sayyid Qutb to obtain this scientific and intellectual spread when the Muslim Brotherhood and Mkhaalafim, if he had lived and died thinker writes in his office, as many writes, and when he printed a book written by these multiple editions thousands.

This is what does not understand the military rule, think that thought can be imprisoned in a cell, and that sticks gallows enough to crush any idea, and the followers of any ideology, which they lived rulers of the military throughout history, and lived the pharaohs as well, this would all Pharaoh, ordered him to end up drowning inevitably , but it must be passed in all phases of former pharaohs, and exhort one another as if they were not on one of them is aware of what happened to his predecessors, (Otoassoa him but they are folk Tagon).

Sisi has done broke up a fourth and Renaissance, died Does the idea of ​​calling for the fall of military rule?! Certainly not and will not die, because he studied history and the eternal rest: That ideas do not die by force or tyranny, but for each of the cemetery are fighting against, and a rock winds break down the tyrant.


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