Sep 28, 2023

Leader of the veil to the bodies of the podium.. The most important 10 " Fabricated stories" About a fourth " picket"

Leader of the veil to the bodies of the podium.. The most important 10 " Fabricated stories" About a fourth " picket"

Notification system tried to mislead public opinion, through the arms of the media coup, broadcast topics “Fabricated” And still, about the opponents of the military coup and supporters of legitimacy, it has succeeded in alienating a large faction of the people against all those who oppose the military coup.. Monitor in this report is the most important 12 story “Fabricated” Broadcast media coup against opponents of military rule..

1- Bodies under the podium

Offered channel “ON TV” Video, said that a trader on the social networking sites, get rid of the bodies of their dead Brotherhood shows burying them under Rabi'a platform before the sit a few minutes.

Militants responded to this claim is the emergence of student named “Kamal Abu Obeida Noureddine” Fayoum, No. 592 In exposing the names of the victims, in a video on 13 August, a night to break up the sit-in, and this video Orvqgua forensic remarks, in that the death of all the bodies were modern.

2- Weapons Llmtsmyn

Mention of the fact-finding committee report, that the sit-Rabi'a began peacefully, but the sit-management then allowed militants to enter the concentration inside and, following that some of the protesters were carrying some sophisticated weapons, which is promoted by the media during the sit-in. The report, which came out by the Commission for Truth, the death toll resulting from the resolution of the protest is 632 Dead, of whom 624 Civilians and eight police.

3- Sexual jihad

Said Hana Mohammed, Secretary of Women movement “Brotherhood Without Violence” (Movement is described Mounhqh for Brotherhood)That it had been several cases of fuck Jihad Batsama Renaissance and Rabi'a monitoring.

She added “Bliss”During its dialogue with the media in the Egyptian Mahmoud Aloruari event broadcast across the Arab screen event program, it has been monitoring 76 Fuck the case of Jihad Batsama Rabi'a and the renaissance of Egypt.

Which is promoted by the media Ghaity Mohammed, during his program on the channel editing, in addition to several other lies.

4- The withdrawal of the identities of the protesters

Rogge media to the idea that those responsible for the sit-in cards pulled from the protestors to prevent them from going out of the sit-in and force them to continue.

Beltagy and Hijazi is on trial in this case, the court stated that the Muslim Brotherhood leadership has shut down leading to it from the Aviation street public roads until the son Carefree Street Andalusian from the tribal, and aviation Street until the intersection with Ibn Fadlan street from the Navy, and the road to victory until Ahmed facilitate the street from the East, and the road to victory until the intersection with Youssef Abbas street from the western side, and some of them branching streets and street Anwar Mufti and Mtafrath, and set up barricades to prevent access to the area, and be security groups named it (Men System) Its members wore distinctive uniforms and grabbed sticks to impose their control and grip, and they prevented the police from entering the area in which they have to practice their occupation in maintaining security and order and assaulted them on those who tried to prevent the entry and exit to get their cards”.

5- Encroachment on the protesters parents

Allegedly notification system, that the protesters attacked the people of Rabi'a area, which responded by parents; where he announced a number of people and the population of Nasr City surrounding area and near Rabi'a field condemnation of it, stressing the challenge that they found a weapon and one inside the sit-in, a pretext excuse is out to break up the sit-in.

She said one of the residents around the square, which disclosed her identification card, during a speech to the sit-highest platform, the fourth will be the people as human shields to protect the protesters topless in front of the Interior and the army.

6- Brotherhood ignite fire

Rogge number of media, most notably Ahmed Musa- A close associate of the National Security Apparatus (Former State Security) – Story that the protesters in a fourth field burned their hands to accuse the Interior and the military to encroach on them and burned.

7-Islamic Relief funding

Published newspaper “the seventh day”, That the Islamic Relief Society in London, funded by the Muslim Brotherhood in a sit-Rabi'a, including more than 30 Million dollars, for the purchase of heavy and light weapons and materials for the manufacture of crackers.

A judicial source said, that the Attorney General's shape immediately, a committee of members of the Technical Office of the Attorney; to investigate the charges against the Association of Islamic Relief funding from abroad, and raise a detailed report on them, to be sent to the Commission on inventory and management Brotherhood funds in preparation for a decision.

8-US Ambassador

Media said Mohammed Ghaity, that Obama sent a letter to warn them of Sissy isolate Morsi, and that the US ambassador went to sit fourth induce Brotherhood to stay and the declaration of a state within the field, and that the United States will be covered by the protection of the sit-in.

9- Badi wear the veil

Some sites and channels of pro-circulation system, a news piece stating deny Dr. Mohammed Badie, guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, as he entered the Rabi'a field, wearing a veil for fear of arrest by the military and police forces that surround the square, which pilloried Badie; where he gave a speech on the platform field during the flight of military aircraft.

10- Chemical weapons

Movement «Brothers without violence» complaint submitted to Hisham Barakat, the Attorney General, against Dr. Mohamed Badie, supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Essam el-Erian, Mohamed El-Beltagy, leaders of the group, and Asim Abdul Majid, a leader of Jemaah Islamiyah, accused by the importation and possession of internationally prohibited weapons.

This came after the newspaper published the news story by claiming the existence of chemical weapons in the sit-in.

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