Mar 2, 2024

Fourth and our situation anomalous .. By: Mohammed Abdul Quddus

Fourth and our situation anomalous .. By: Mohammed Abdul Quddus

Chose tyranny is holding our breath on the second anniversary of the massacre fourth “To fabricate” A new case against supporters of legitimacy regarding this time to try them because they held a sit-in protest against the coup that took place and the consequent events.


This farcical trial, which will announce the details in the near future indicate anomalous our situation which they live Egypt since the military takeover of power, are supposed to happen vice versa.. I mean that prosecuted the killers and criminals who Ozhqgua lives and killed innocent people and shed blood, but to be a trial of the victim, this is strange anomaly!!


The more our situation abnormal, Prisons currently has thousands of prisoners of conscience, and this, of course, an anomaly, and returned supporters of ousted strongly to the scene, but the strangest thing in this tragedy are some former rebels who saw them in the arms of military rule hatred in the Muslim Brotherhood, which is not imagine that days happen, but Egypt is a country wonderland.

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