Sep 28, 2023

Wael Kandil writes: Fifty degrees on the fourth measure

Wael Kandil writes: Fifty degrees on the fourth measure

They still look at you Kfar laboratory experiments, or an essential party to the interaction “Pavlov”If they said they do not go out today, because temperatures above fifty degrees, reminiscent of your friends, neighbors and relatives to pay with his life for his defense of truth and justice, even fusion in the Holocaust fourth, and do not forget that the others were Hoaahm inside a car deportations Abu Zaabal prison, at the hands of power which claims to be afraid of you from sunstroke.

Often, Egyptians deal with the weather bulletin and reports of Meteorology, as the laughter, comedy or a paragraph, for many reasons, vary from one person to another.. Personally, I laugh when I find on the private Egyptian newspapers, news websites in red shortly before midnight say: Urgent: Meteorology: Weather tomorrow slant heat.
Tomorrow, which is supposed to start an hour after the publication of the news. Others laugh because meteorological forecasts, often come up against reality and against the truth, the fact that those in charge of weather bulletin Aabiunha, haphazard, as it does on the door of Supervisors “your luck today” In the newspapers, just repeated cliché reserved Vapidly.
From here, strange this case look of urgency inform the authority in Egypt, days ago, the publication of dire predictions for the weather today, Friday, the fourteenth of August / August, which falls on the third anniversary of the crime of the century, classified as the biggest massacre committed by authority against the people in the history of the Egyptians, in the field of Rabi'a.
Says the media organs of power that the temperature will exceed the session, the memory of a fourth massacre Day, and sink newspapers and screens data on the deaths of dozens, due to rising temperatures, over the past week, and restore and increase in warning that the next heaviest and most, so must the commitment of the houses, and not exit, on Friday, because death standing on the doors of houses jeopardized, to fill the breed and the heads of many lives.
Concurrently, the Interior Ministry announced it had prepared a kit to receive breakers to demonstrate in this day live ammunition, and they contracted with death, to have adequate supply of human souls, for free, and without the fullest extent. Then come out and Minister of Awqaf a strongly worded statement, which says that the outlaws in demonstrations today are the enemies of God and the homeland.
Prior to that, he held Al-Azhar University and the University, jurisprudence live ammunition maneuvers, and full military suit, announcing that a fourth Bonevsm martyrs killed themselves, and that the current power of innocent blood. In another corner of the yard games informatics, is igniting controversy raucous, leading to a heated battle on the networking sites, to intensify the deployment of footage appointment of President Mohamed Morsi Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as defense minister, Vtendla war of words again to cover up the fourth story, and the kidnapping of people away silly to clash about of mistake first, and more Khan, Jan. partners.
In the background, electronic committees Authority broadcasts a selection of rumors and fabricated news, about a deal between the government and the Muslim Brotherhood, regional and international auspices, based on a set of illusions, the focus is on them, as facts, such as the link between the launch of a single release of the purest and most sincere of known life Egyptian politics in the last quarter century, Engineer Abul-Ela Madi, head of the Centre Party, and the talk about calm the scenario is going on behind the scenes.. Or catching phrase in an interview with broadcaster Channel complementary, Hamza Zoba, Vtaatlagafha of hungry hyenas rude and indecency, and is being exaggerated to suggest that there was a deal carried out now.
Any transaction or calm, and spend Sisi lowers the death warden Heliopolis police department primarily responsible for genocide 37 Egyptian gas in a car deportations massacre of Abu Zaabal prison ten years to just five years? So, we're in front of selected combination carefully from the arsenal of the common weapon, in order to force the masses to stay at home, and not to respond to calls for demonstrations today, confirming that no one in power does not want to understand that the blood appeal is stronger than the microphones contaminated lying, and data soaked in shame, and news leaks and soaked in the fragile and shallow.
Current power has tried it all in dealing with the fourth picket Adawiya two years ago, when it launched a psychological war, based on the drama of intimidation and Altvzaa, in an effort to break up the sit-in, intimidate people from epidemics and bacteria, or the discovery of mass graves, have failed to dislodge people from their positions and their principles, so I decided to massacre committed against them is a lesson to those who make them.
The common sharpest weapon, since Hitler and Goebbels, at the beginning of the last century, and even the military council in Egypt, after the revolution of January, and reserves the memory naive recognized by one of the leaders of the Council, acknowledging that he was in control of the rhythm of the fields of the revolution machine rumors, however, and as for the memory computer specific capacity and the ability of the storage, the peoples power is limited to absorb and digest the quantities and qualities which cast into the brains and intestines of Informatics bacteria, then stop accepting more lies and scarecrows.

the source : Arab New


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