Feb 21, 2024


بيان تأسيسي لمكتب “الإخوان المسلمين المصريين” بالخارج

Muslim Brotherhood issued a statement constituent of so-called Office of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood abroad stating “In the name of Allah the Merciful

In the framework of the comprehensive audits carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood and the restructuring of its institutions to be at the service of the Egyptian people's revolution, and to keep pace with ambitious rules, the group elected a new office abroad in pursuit of the goals of the twenty-fifth of January Revolution; live.. freedom.. Social justice.. Human dignity.
Office and vows in front of the Rebel Egyptian people to work on the prosecution of the coup regionally and internationally, armed with our belief in the right of our people deep in Neil complete freedom, and be aware that it will not be achieved victory of our revolution and pride for our people, but the integration of the revolutionary ranks and lineup in the face of his enemies.
Today we complete our revolution according to a clear strategic vision, and determination revolutionary well-established, and will not fade away and do not relent, as Egyptians first and foremost.. No Ntgahqr for our struggling people and Ntkdmh.. بل نشاركه آلامه وآماله.
And we promise the people of our great people that we will spare no effort, and we will get worked day and night in relentless institutional work on the road to achieving the goals of our revolution, whatever the sacrifices, even authorize God Almighty to achieve the aspirations of our people, and begin after the new phase of national work hand in hand with each revolution partners and the real heroes.
( God often on the order, but most people do not know )
God is great and thankfully head of the office, Dr. Ahmed Abdulrahman”