Feb 23, 2024

 Moses: Republican important decision within hours

 Moses: Republican important decision within hours


Ahmed Moussa, on Tuesday, the Supreme Judicial Council held an emergency meeting, headed by Judge Ahmed Gamal Eddin, to consult on the issue of selection of the new Attorney General, succeeding consultant Hisham Barakat.
He said Moses, through a program «For my responsibility», via satellite «Echo country», that «will be assigned to the new Attorney General's issuance of a presidential decree in the coming hours», pointing to the case of extreme secrecy around the issue.
He explained that the Council settled on a choice of four names, and they: “Counselor Adel Al-Saeed, Counselor Adel Shorbaji, adviser Ali Imran, and adviser Zakaria Abdul Aziz Othman, Assistant Attorney General.”.

the source : Satellite «Echo country»

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