Dec 6, 2023

Abdul Rahman Yousef writes:Memory war.. Of the signs of victory

Abdul Rahman Yousef writes:Memory war.. Of the signs of victory

In the second of February 1982 President Hafez al-Assad began its military campaign against the Syrian city of Hama, which rose up against the authoritarian military rule.

Regardless of the details of what happened have fallen victim to this military security operation according to various estimates between people dead (According to diplomatic reports in a timely manner) to me 40 A dead (According to the Syrian Human Rights Committee estimates)And demolished entire neighborhoods on the heads of their owners, as demolition 88 Mosques and three churches, and archaeological and historical areas as a result of the shelling, while migrated tens of thousands of residents of the city to escape the killing, slaughter and torture.

It took those military campaign 27 Days as quoted reliable sources, has flattened the city Dhaka, using heavy artillery, and some neighborhoods such as neighborhood and Albarodah Kilanyia and Alzenbaka bombed by aircraft on which of the population of !!!

In some neighborhoods the collection of men and young people in one line, then trampled by tanks, and some of them moved to “Palmyra” And disappeared forever (Appreciate the thousands).

After more than twenty days of the battle (Or massacre) Hama fell, and began the process of full seize everything in the stricken city, killed for adults and children and infants, the elderly and women, an assault on the symptoms not seen before, all under the leadership of the Ripper Rifaat al-Assad, and under the supervision of the largest killer Hafez al-Assad.

The majority of residents in Syria did not know about the massacre only after more than a week initiated !

My friend tells me (A Syrian city of Hama), And was staying outside Syria with his family, he and his family did not know what had happened in the Hama massacre only after the end of the campaign originally!

Rules of the game in the massacre of Hama (And similar massacres) three : First : It would claim that you resist terrorism then kill at will, and the second : Lighter bodies and then type the other version of the events, the third : Clear memory generations to ensure that accounting.

Trying “Sisi” And his regime to apply what happened in Hama, is succeeded in applying the rules of the massacre?

Follow up on what happened in the second anniversary of the massacre fourth I can say with confidence that the January revolution have won the battle of memory, and that the great crime that occurred in the Black Wednesday 14 August 2015 , I mean a fourth massacres Adawiya group has recorded in the memory of this generation, and no one can never be wiped out.

We have carried out “Sisi” The first rule of superiority of his regime, including claims that resist terrorism, world and filled banging on alleged war, then committed the massacres of killing is unparalleled in the history of this people Tayeb peaceful.
But when he tried to hide the bodies to write his version of history … Fail !

The regime tried to wipe away a lot from the archives of the revolution on websites .. Vothag people this attempt miserable !

Times have changed, and everything recorded video and audio, were documented massacre minute by minute, and every day show new details, new documentaries, and tournaments, and the tragedies and crimes … And crying to the moon to be able to notify him hack on the face of this scientific documentation !

And when he tried to “Sisi” To wipe the memory of generations … Found himself surrounded by the details of the massacres, even became the massacres chasing him, preventing him from international tops, depriving it of some European capitals, compelled him to escape from the press conferences, force him to get in and out of service in hotels doors for fear of the demonstrators, and will be held accountable for his massacres account difficult.

In the second anniversary of the massacres of the Revolution gained a fourth war memory, the whole world marked the anniversary in dozens of capitals in the continents of the world.

In Egypt … May remember other details of millions, people did not forget the martyrs and one, did not ignore a field of fields, not to underestimate any remembrance no matter how small.

Egyptians have lived day after day, remember the fourth and the Renaissance, and Mustafa Mahmoud Square, Ramses and events, and the Mosque of conquest, massacre and deportations wagon … And other and other.

It was the voice of conviction is the sound the highest in Egypt and the whole world, fell votes in favor until almost disappear.

Four decades have passed since the massacre in the city of Hama, though people's memory was able to impose the truth, and that the victim's account appears in spite of all the efforts of the jailer.

Today we are in a time of speed, and in the era of the cameras, and took forty years in the past two years did not take in the present era.

The decline in public support for this monstrosity system preaches us approaching the end, but the gospel is not the major decline in support … But in the people's ability to cancel the official version of false, and the preservation of their memories outside the framework of fraud and misrepresentation.

The ability of this revolution on the profit for the memory of the great war (In a short time) Bishara is the largest it will be able to make a big event, creates a breakthrough force the whole world to respect the right of the people to self-determination, and their freedom.

Egypt has lived for the Egyptians and the Egyptians …

the source : Arabic 21

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