March 29, 2023

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  1. Al-Qahtani

    Oman Oman State per man, afraid of Sunni which spread among the people of Oman most understand, unfortunately, most Gulf leaders to fight Islam in the West and Oman orientation for fear of minority Shiite Muslim Saudi Arabia, Iran-backed politicians considered the arrogance in action left something out of balance with the Salafis who are called terrorists on the instructions, unfortunately, strange, I expect after Qaboos, the Omani people won't be satisfied until the Gulf, Arab, Oman, Oman © people is very important for the Gulf but access With deferred Oman conditions region, "terror Warrior of all humans but that place is the terrorism of extremists who decorated him either other not? Alessi, Oman, Gulf, its territory and people and must return ftgharidhakharg Squadron won't do him and Iran doesn't believe her?

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