Dec 4, 2023

Fatima al-Mahdi writes: Wife of the martyr marry

Fatima al-Mahdi writes: Wife of the martyr marry

When I heard the news I could not believe at first .. I've become inertia and Aaatartny shiver in my body I did not feel before.. I did not even cry.. I did not shed a single tear for three days ..kan people are seeing stable while he was not trying to beg my hand ..kint tears but it was not me obedient even faint Ali mom.

In the first three days I did not feel something ..vqt I did not sleep and did not pick up cat food for only a few sips of water and small spoons of honey was my mother fed me against my fear of a drop in circulation was close to my friend stay with me take my children with ..ookhry her children for a walk so as not to feel something special with home atmosphere Almichh in Black.

Three days has not been without home visits from them or a relative or a stranger Moez ..onas see them for the first time in my life, but they knew from their spouses talk with him .. I did not want one interview, you want to stay in my room next to his image and his bag and some of its remains were in the same bag the night ..avch bag out what the .. The smell everything .. Then embraced long in our memories flooded endless .. So I think I am in a nightmare and Soafik him sooner or later.

The three days ended ..khali House but from my mom and dad and brothers slowly took days pass heavy weight of the mountains, passes the day behind today and no one knocks on my door, Mom and Dad went….My brothers were busy with their work and their children wemso'liathm. Shake me my busy life and claiming the flimsy excuses, I no longer have my girlfriend closeup and I felt the time I insult her stressful psychologically may not bear when I tell her about the Secretary-General.. Didn't fidget at all but I cried bitter Lachrymose was be on the verge of tears me tears. So I decided to relieve them and talking with them about my feelings and illiteracy and limited dialogue among ourselves to talk about children and their education and their school. No longer me only my Lord to Peter abthh and foodie…I accommodated my bed at night to sleep even claimed to immortalize my children to sleep, and I feel that they have covered in a deep sleep until I find my tears wet and Gentlemen ..atqlb in my bed right and left hands researcher Anh..oda place to sleep Othssh .

Smelled and Bkaiy..omny than myself that in the long travel and inevitably will come ..avch phone messages to read it for the umpteenth time ..oozl on this case until the emergence of the early morning hours of sleep, but not Agbanny and fatigue may Oklny and won Mona.

It wasn't painful parting my about me as much as he hurts me interested just send money, clothing or food to our children. Did not understand I need their hearts before their money.. I do not deny that I have found myself in the wind by myself and my husband wasn't a martyr me husband and lover will only.. It was a patron accountable for his own house in all its details.. I did not know why or how or bought Where .. Doaigah did not bother me at work and did not makes me never any physical crisis.. So I found myself struggling Wave Alone.

My younger child, wondering where my father.. Why not come to take me out of school like my friend …Abe, I want to like him.. When purely one that might kill came and is angry trembling cry wondering who killed him .. .Do you really police killed him, did not you tell me, Mom, the police are protecting people from thieves, why lied to?

Once finished calm him down until I find myself in a second problem for school fees, a third and a problem for the home budget and the problem of the car belonging to a fourth licensing procedures, and so forth.

I end the day has finished .. Even one of my friends came to me months after the end of the kit, including me, stating I did not expect:

There are those who asks there for marriage..

I did not know what to tell her.. I could not be forming the Stadty so as not to breathe.. Then Padrtny:

Darlin.. Do not curse yourself.. You have young children, you are still a small and beautiful, not Ttsraei in a reply .. Give a chance to yourself to think carefully and then hatvini.

And let me go .. I went was that I felt a knife had slit my chest.. How do I get married.. How Okhounh.. How to love others.. However I would be in heaven than with him or with the new pair.

Really I initially needed a father takes care of my children but now I need their father and married me.. Humanizes two pair, Ahadtny, join me, makes me feel its significance has, bears little responsibility on my shoulders, what a responsibility.

I thought long.. When interested approval talked to mom and dad and my brothers and I wish I did, said Frank's mom in me:

What people say about us .. She married immediately after months waiting period .. Definitely you would say you were not love him.. What would his family.. How would you feel his mother… What would you say about you and about us ..onna may have treachery !!

Then followed by my father, saying:

Why do you need my daughter.. Everything you have available and any money we insure them from the ground up.. Do you fail with you, my dear?

But my sister had a different opinion and she said her head held high :

People will eat our faces ..zojh martyr .. And marries!!! There is no power but from God … Enough proud of you, my dear wife Martyr.

Here is over a small part of the tragedy sirs … That was not the story of one wife but is suffering dozens but hundreds in our society.

She cites her husband- It is when the Lord of the living.. Single remain without a husband or a father or breadwinner .. Her soul suffers daily with her memories and her pain and grief.. Not only felt by the Creator that has plagued her marriage after months of preparing.

Osailkm Barbie Is that wife of the martyr human beings or is it built from inanimate objects.. Does it have the right to live and breathe and sense or whether they had written them twice misery.. Time when wronged and killed her husband, and again when he sentenced her to death worn traditions of society and is still alive.

But humans do not show mercy.. Aawwadoha not even tried repeatedly.. Do not leave me to breathe.. Choked from unjust society does not care only gossip and throwing to the law of God, as if not to put God has prescribed in the holy book even suffice it on the shelves and in the automotive and brag saved him but I regret to say that while some may become like the carrying books.

Feltenvadwa your hands at all belongs to you.. To let the creation of the Creator.

You are the true meaning of pain do not realize .. Do not you feel what you feel, even if Adeeetm otherwise.. Because no one else who will feel swallow from the same cup.

O miserable society.. Let the creation of the Creator does not deny what God has permitted.

But you, O precious then it out of your life then do what you wish, as long as God has permitted you to marry above the seven heavens do not give a damn gossip and Tavakoli on which neighborhood do not overlook nor sleep.

Fatima al-Mahdi
Egyptian educational advisory

the source: Aljazeera live

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