Feb 21, 2024

“Satan preaches” Before to be the title of a novel of the Egyptian writer Naguib Mahfouz, was a description of what took place in the publicly top of the first story of the conflict between man and the devil .

At that time wearing devil lamb skin, and was preaching in front of Adam and his wife, expressing his concern and compassion {Kasemhma and who I am as mentors} {Hey Adam Do Odlk tree on the mole and the king does not wear}..

As the devil may be mankind as one of the jinn, we came out a demon beard and black turban and Aouinat and lisp in ra, vomiting publicly what Achtsenh chest vindictive, in the form of preaching demonic wearing his dress first grandfather, and tried hard to typecast, but it has exposed tune to say ..

*Hassan Nasrallah Lat- Who would like to call as well, P “So relax myself more” In the words of the poet Mahmoud Darwish in one of his poems..

O my people.. Nasr Lat preaching and burning… Can you believe?

Yes, the packets may Sveth dust storm and Vanh sea, what is returned straighten his letter, and as much as he thought and looked, and frowned and mystery and gone and arrogant, Voaz.

Since his homeland and the birthplace of the Persian hatred known for the drug trade, particularly after the Khomeini revolution, he has preached the devil Alravdi which is in a deplorable state of hallucinations.

And the victory speech talking Lat:

Condemns the Iranian deformed in his starting storm against his associates in Yemen says: It is delegated Arab nations Saudi Arabia to wage war on behalf of maintaining the Arab identity of Yemen?

*How wonderful you, this, and you Vodk for viscous Bektaibk in the war on the territory of Syria, in support of a tyrant Sham?

If you condemn the countries of official and governments moving a legitimate cover for the reinstatement of the legitimate looted, and supported by Muslim and Arab peoples, was one of the first door that required solely as a party to the Lebanese, nor depart from the national context, and tweet out of tune, but you have made yourself a deputy of the Lebanese state in dealing with an external file.

Uttered by the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him by (If you feel no shame, then do as you wish), And you did not feel ashamed of your support for the coup Huthi, at a time when fighting rebels demanding their rights and the injustice in Syria….Say what you want..

* Nasr plays the chord Lat Arabism, and describes the storm packets as aggression against the Yemeni people.

Nasr Lat reduced so the whole Yemeni people in a range Huthi, who turned on the legality and trampled democracy Benaalhm..

Nasr Lat ignores the many Yemeni tribes facing the Houthis to cleanse the country of them, and factions of the Popular Resistance hunting Houthis…

Ignore the demonstrations were breaking out against the Houthis rejection of the coup against legitimacy.. Or not these the people of Yemen?

* The base of our Arabic that not every friend and brother, the traitor and the customer has no place among us, even if it is happening in our veins to Jmdnah, even if we have traveled together for us.

Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him also fought those who withheld zakat and apostates from the Arabs after the death of the Prophet, peace be upon him, ……

Excuse me, I forgot that you curse the righteous and the al-Faruq and their two daughters- God bless them- Every morning.

Satan and continue in his preaching and Hlaush, and warns of the danger to the Saudi Haramain, that is God's truth and what I have read your eyes.. No wonder ..!!

To that impossible that a man who wants the memory of history replaces another brand “Hallucination Zoroastrianism”, And claims that the King Abdul-Aziz Al Saud tried to demolish the tomb of the Prophet, peace be upon him.

But the victory did not tell us when Lat discovered this amazing historical information?

Is he found in the manuscript was delivered to him the Hidden Imam, who were waiting outside the crypt of Samarra?

Or that Khomeini had inspired him so during a session drink and smoke with turbans your fantasies?

Oh that it were your grandparents from Qaramita esoteric who wanted bad sanctities, they pulled out of the black stone that remained on strike Bmaolhm and say the Lord of heaven: “Where bird Alobabil? Where the stones of baked clay?”, On that involuntarily black stone from the bosom of the Kaaba 22 Years, as noted historians..

The King Abdul Aziz, the supernatant and destroy shrines that were worshiped idols without God, Rev. maintenance of doctrine, and the elimination of pagan myths and customs.

* Then here is the devil warn the nation of the danger of what he called Wahhabism Saudi Haramain, says: “There is a threat of the Two Holy Mosques, but from within Saudi Arabia and the Wahhabi ideology and not from Yemen.. Holy Mosque is threatened, we do not know when young people come out of the Wahhabi Saudi schools to blow themselves up and demolish the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad”.

Nasr Lat has made himself a laughing stock in this shameless lying, accuse the Sunni stronghold of Saudi Arabia as a threat to the Two Holy?

Saudi Arabia if it were not holy sites?

The religious leadership of the queen since its inception and its importance but the amount gained from the auspices of the Two Holy..

Saudi king nicknamed O Holy server Nasr Lat, Valab elsewhere something else you know..

* Satan goes on in his preaching and his hallucinations and Tdlash, says that the Kingdom has turned Huthi supposed threat to the real threat.

This victory speech Lat Ya do not say only people like you lackeys of the Magi, and Aadakm Everyone asserts that the Houthis part of a project Persians your pillow, and everyone knows that the Houthis are just Iran's arm in Yemen, just as you are and what you are still ill-fated her arm in Lebanon.

Everyone knows that the basis of the Gulf in the Safavid part of their project, and that makes than Mecca and Medina, as told by their leader Khomeini.

* As usual, the Shiites in raising anti-American slogan “death to America” “America the Great Satan” To tickle the emotions of Muslims, Nasr Lat deliberately to nominate storm the Saudi American aggression, to raise the ire of Muslims to Saudi Arabia, which allied itself- According to Hlaush- With the Great Satan against a Muslim Arab country.

* Vali Nasr Lat say:

Rfkm anti-American slogan magic may champion, and exposed his command, Esteban people since Iran Gate scandal and deal US arms to your pillow Persians, and appeared coordination and arrangement, negotiation and bartering in the open recently, did not you nor Amaimk days the enemies of America and Israel.

And to the sons of my nation I repeat what I said long ago, that the confluence of interests does not necessarily mean that there will be employment and betrayal, then you can tell me about US interests in the storm packages the way you want, but you should also tell me about the confluence of the Arab and Islamic interests and American interests in support of the Afghan mujahideen against The Soviets, we all know that the United States was supporting the convergence of interests with Muslims and Arabs, since the victory of Afghans meant the Russian giant dwarfing rival.

And tried in vain to insist Lat keep a cool head, and started to call implicit threats to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, saying: “Commander brave hero, Abdulmalik al-Huthi him the opportunity to enter the regions of Najran and Jizan southern Saudi Arabia”.

We know that ye infested Mecca and Medina are the aim, which is confirmed by Khomeini, he said: “And Snmho Mecca and Medina from the face of the earth, because these two cities Sarta Wahhabi stronghold, and we must be the land of Karbala, the holy blessed God, kiss people in prayer”.

* Far, very far Lat Ya Nasrallah, said that millions of Muslims from Sunnis are ready for martyrdom on the doors of the Two Holy, and you know that very well, then it is a red line below the Bekaa necks and blood.

If Oxiaek Houthis can for stormed the border, but the young believer that wraps around his leadership, and volunteer to defend its territory is Oxiaek lookout, the answer what you see is not what you hear, that if Ataatkm courage originally intended to do, and God's power over His Affairs, but most people do not know…

And not far away from what I wrote at the top of this deployment, which is what I wrote years ago, but unfortunately I did not then know the site (Gulf Affairs) To publish me..

To deceived and supporters of Hezbollah and Iran, who intervened as well transgressing category along with the bloody Syrian regime, and awakened the sleeping sedition.. 25 Question Ovhmona Bojobtha if you could spare!!!

1 – Why Hezbollah's change of name (Islamic Amal Movement) to me (Hizb allah)؟

2 – Why Musa Sadr's Amal movement and Hezbollah Builder, the PLO attacked in the 76th, and calling for the suspension Guerilla work?

3 – Why hope the war in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila movement announced in 85, and mowed men, women and children, were killed and more than 82 killed by Israel, where they killed 3100 Unhu 15 A wounded?

4 – Why was the Shiite Amal militia wounded and disabled gathered from hospitals and kill them?

5 – Why I was hoping to cheer the fighters on the streets of Beirut to celebrate the victory after the massacre (Kill Palestinians enter paradise)؟

6 – What do you think proverb Sobhi parasite former Secretary-General of Hezbollah, after Israel eliminate the Palestinian resistance with the participation of Shiites:

“The Shiites reception of Israeli soldiers with flowers, rice, and confirmed by Hassan Nasrallah, in his book (Record light)”؟

7 – What do you think that Hassan Nasrallah was politically responsible for the Amal movement in the Bekaa in 85, where is the massacres committed by the movement in the Palestinian camps, which crack our heads in his media Alcilgel Aqsa and Jerusalem editing and support of Palestine?

8 – What do you think the definition of Hezbollah for himself in the founding statement:

(.. We are committed to the orders of wise leadership represented Balouli Faqih embodied outstanding Imam Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini)؟

9 – Did you know that the Imam Khomeini in his book (Islamic Government) Shia Imams prefer the prophets and messengers, and that their status is subject her atoms of the universe?!

10 – Did you know that Khomeini in his book (Doaa explain magic) He believes in the doctrine of pantheism says:

(God with us is we cases.. We is.. It is.. We we)؟

11 – Did you know that Khomeini in his book (Recycled) Accuse the Prophet, peace be upon him, that he was unsuccessful in his call, and that it will succeed and apply justice in the world is the Mahdi?

12 – Why participated by Hezbollah guerrillas along with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the Iran-Iraq war?

13 – What do you think proverb Iranian President Ahmadinejad: (Iran is not a threat to foreign countries, not even to Israel)؟

14 – What do you think proverb Sobhi parasite:

(The demise of Hezbollah from south-sponsor the rise of Sunni resistance alternative which is not acceptable to Israel.. Because the project Sunni-resistant does not accept negotiation and bargaining, and many facts the witness of the Taliban resistance and the Palestinian Jihad and Hamas through the Iraqi resistance)؟

15 – Why are Israel and the United States refused to negotiate with the Hamas government chosen by the people, and negotiated with the party does not represent the state in the case of the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers, and what do you think of the proverb Sharon in his memoirs: (I did not see one day in the Shiite enemies of Israel in the long run)؟!

16 – Where Hezbollah from the US invasion of Iraq and US armies urinated on Shiite shrines in Iraq, do you think that his intervention to save the shrines in Syria to support the false pretext of sectarian system Alnasiri?

17 – Why Sistani issued a fatwa top Shiite cleric in Iraq, the Shiite fighter sanctity of the American occupier?

18 – What do you think Paul Bremer admittedly serious about betrayal Shiite scholars, and help the invading forces in Iraq to drop, he says,:

(As the media scarring division between Sistani and the coalition which I communicate on critical issues throughout the time that I spent in Iraq)؟

19 – Why Hezbollah has established bases in Iraq for logistical support, and enhance the expertise of the militia Badr Brigade and the Mahdi Army and the Abu Fadl al Abbas, and the elimination of the Sunni presence?

20 – But why when he cited Hamas leader Rantisi and Ahmed Yassin, Hezbollah did not fire one missile?

21 – When Israel was bombing civilians phosphorus across Apache helicopters in Gaza in 2008, Why Hezbollah resistor one shot did not launch?

22 – Why Nasrallah and his party did not put on the wanted list, and put like Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden's financial reward?

23 – Why did not freeze Hezbollah assets like the rest of the Islamic groups, such as al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra Front?

24 – Why do you think at the top of the eight countries did not mention Hezbollah nor Iran nor the Syrian regime, the word poor one, and all the meetings were about Al-Nusra Front?

25 – Do you think Hezbollah intervention in Syria is to save the Shiite shrines, or pursuant to an Iranian sectarian agenda, to serve the Iranian imperial project in the funeral of the region?

the source : Gulf Affairs