Dec 4, 2023

Sisi has the Ministry of Defense of the Egyptian Mineral Resources .. By : Mohammed mayor

Sisi has the Ministry of Defense of the Egyptian Mineral Resources .. By : Mohammed mayor

We mentioned before that Sisi has issued more than two hundred and sixty law during his rule which falls laws issued by Adly Mansour, and that the goal of the total of these laws is the establishment of military rule for tens or hundreds of years to come .

One of the laws passed by the new Sisi Mineral Resources Law, which we will discover consult it he made the Ministry of Defence is the original owner of the Egyptian Mineral Resources, below is evidence of this :
First : Article (6) However, :
” It may put forward areas for research and exploitation of mining by a decision of the Board of Directors and after the approval of the competent minister or the Governor, as the case concerned . And have these areas put forward for research or exploitation, according to a special list includes organizing methods and procedures contracting and subtraction, the award in different situations with regard to ores mining and quarrying, and controls the trade-off between the applicants and all this without being bound by the provisions of the legislation regulating tenders and auctions .

I have to maintain body or, as the case taking into account the opinion of the Ministry of Defense and determined in this regard of the terms and conditions required by the rules of the defense of state affairs .

The competent authorities and the Ministry of Defense to do the research and exploitation of raw materials subject to this law in the territory, which lies in its mandate “.

In light of this, Article VI decide two things :
1- اختصاص وزارة الدفاع بالبحث والاستغلال التعديني في الأراضي التي تدخل في ولايتها ، مع ملاحظة أن القانون لم يحدد تلك الأراضي التي تدخل في ولاية وزارة الدفاع ، ومن ثم فإن وزارة الدفاع هي التي ستحدد المناطق التي تدخل في ولايتها سواء من حيث المساحة أو من حيث نوعية المعادن التي تحرص وزارة الدفاع علي الاستئثار بها .

2- The Ministry of Defense will determine the conditions for research and mining exploitation in all cases under the pretext of defending the state requirements .

So the Ministry of Defence is the owner upper hand as will be signed from decades of research and exploitation of mining, as well as the competence of research and exploitation in areas that fall within its jurisdiction and so as not to become in the face of the Ministry of Defence any restrictions or obstacles, Article VI stipulates lack of commitment by the Egyptian General Authority for Mineral Resources Owaluzar competent or competent governor or the Ministry of Defense of tenders and auctions law .
Second : Article (7) However, :
” It may be authorized by law in the concerned minister to entrust the search for minerals and mining to a company or association or institution under special conditions without being bound by the provisions of this law, and the law defines the conditions of this license .

And be competent governor with powers for ores quarries and salt works .
The provision of this Article shall apply on fuel ores Almsos by Law No. 66 For the year 1953 Organizer fuel ores “.

نص فاسد يكرس للفساد كمعظم القوانين المصرية الفاسدة التي يصدرها العسكر علي مر تاريخهم الطويل ، يجيز إصدار قانون يفتح المجال للوزير المختص ليفعل ما يشاء دون أدني مراعاة لقانون الثروة المعدنية ليعهد بالبحث والاستغلال لأي شركة أو جمعية أو مؤسسة بشروط خاصة دون التقيد بأحكام القانون ، ولاشك أن الهدف هو استئثار القوات المسلحة أيضا وهيمنتها علي استغلال الثروة المعدنية لحسابها دون قيد أوشرط.
Thirdly : Article (11) However, :
” To keep doing exploitation of raw materials quarries and salt works in its jurisdiction either by itself or in conjunction with others after the approval of the Council of Ministers …. etc ” .

Unfortunately goal of allocating body mineral wealth is to protect the mineral wealth of taking it to know this side or that, so the body to achieve maximum benefit for the people and according to general abstract rules ensure the maintenance of this wealth, so Sisi's keenness in law to withdraw this post Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority and forwarded competent minister then competent conservative, and the result is the control of the executive branch of this wealth, especially the Ministry of Defense as we have seen and the persistence of corruption and the loss of this wealth to the people for the benefit of the executive and senior statesmen . We all know the control of armed forces on the rest of the ministries and provinces, not a secret that the vast majority of conservatives throughout the era of military rule is one of the brigades Referred to retire, for example, .
وهكذا يتضح لنا أن السيسي جعل الثروة المعدنية ملكا لوزارة الدفاع وتحت سيطرتها وهيمنتها تتحكم وتتصرف فيها كيفما شاءت من خلال عدة أمور ، الأول اختصاصها بأراضي تقوم بتحديدها بنفسها تدخل في ولايتها وتقوم بالبحث فيها واستغلالها بنفسها ، والثاني هو تحكمها علي وجه العموم في شروط وقواعد البحث والاستغلال ، والثالث هو توسيع اختصاصات الوزير المختص والمحافظات علي حساب الهيئة حتي تتحكم السلطة التنفيذية في الثروة المعدنية بالكامل ومن ثم يصبح الأمر بيد وزارة الدفاع ، وبكرة تشوفوا مسر .
Agent Affairs Committee of the Parliament of the constitutional and legislative revolution .



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