Dec 1, 2023

Resource Alanfar .. By : Orabi verses

Resource Alanfar .. By : Orabi verses

The biggest event that indicates a major transformations in the region was to call a meeting with Putin bin Zayed and Abdullah al-Shawish and the coup in Russia two days ago.
It may be a meeting with Abdullah bin Zayed is understandable, the UAE rulers did not pretend for a moment to support the revolutions of the peoples have made no effort to hide their insistence on the protection of a serial killer, but Syria and sheltering his sister and his mother.
It may be also understood his meeting with Abdullah of Jordan, who is the other did not try to hide his hostility to the Islamists in general and the Muslim Brotherhood in particular, Vocefhm in an interview with magazine “The Atlantic” They are wolves in sheep's clothing lambs, And even accused them of being sect Freemasonry allegiance to her mentor.
Also he did not hide his hatred of President Morsi, as described in the same press superficial dialogue.
Even uttered explicitly “My job is to prevent the Islamists from coming to power”.
It seems that the steadfastness of the rebels in Syria and the successive successes in the liberation of the city after the other, And progress that Bashar inventory in a corner of Syria is not larger than the 20% Of the total area of ​​the country, It may sound the alarm in the West, liberalization Syria (Which does not seem far-fetched) Would represent a catastrophic threat to the Zionist entity, it will become in the face of a new entity Montasser Sqlth revolution lasted more than four years, with the survival of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, a thorn in the side.
This, of course, already a complete failure to obstruct the efforts of the Syrian revolution and cooled and try to bypass it, by holding a meeting of the so-called Cairo, which included a delegation from the 100 Personal described as “Opposition to the system” And who was hailed a Nuadrh that members of the Army, Bashar said the delegation, which has irked the rebels Syria.
(And Latif this way is similar to what is happening in Egypt when the louder voices of secular participants in the coup, such as ElBaradei, in an attempt to ride the wave of revolution such as the recent statement in which it mourns those killed although it is politically and criminally responsible for the killing of an official, which sparked a wave of ridicule and resentment towards him again He claims his trial on charges of high treason, murder).
After every effort it is no longer in front of the sponsors of the massacres committed daily against our people in Syria, but has failed to mobilize all their resources to fight the Syrian people.
New in the presence of Shawish coup in Russia and the results of the meeting, which summarizes the inter rubber habit of political statements it.
“Formation of a regional alliance against terrorism” It is what it seemed to me, in fact funny, Fshaoah coup that no one knows where it resides and who is not, but moving battalions of soldiers guarding the air and cover the entire, And who could not, despite his army who Sinai hand day and night with guns, tanks and aircraft to avoid the daily humiliation of the losses that Reach militants organize the state of his army Sinai.
He surrounded himself from the same glass bulletproof barrier at a ceremony for the Interior.
That Shawish, who can not protect himself, It became involved in what he called Putin alliance against terrorism.
I do not have any explanation but to what I said last Tuesday on the screen now Egypt, It is that Hezbollah bases eroded no longer enough to stand up in the face of the revolution in Syria, it was to be the provision of cheap Anvar support UAE and Iran will not find better than that Shawish beggar legitimacy for hurling Balonfar cheap in the midst of the Syrian revolution against the funds the UAE government that seem to find what fun to spend her money to fight the Muslims, and perhaps money Iran after it was lifting the ban on funds after reaching an agreement with the United States.

the source: Arabic 21

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