Dec 1, 2023

 " Channel East" Announce the date of her return to broadcast in an official statement

 " Channel East" Announce the date of her return to broadcast in an official statement

The deployment of human rights activist and broadcaster “Haitham Abu Khalil” بيان رسمي من قناة الشرق تعلن فيه عودتها للبث مرة أخرى في الأول من سبتمبر 2015

The statement, published by Obokhalil via the official page on the social networking site “Facebook”: “In a new start .. Middle back channel to broadcast the first Tuesday in September
Having experienced the Middle Channel during the last phase of severe economic difficulties, as well as attempts to disable frequent and increasing confusion, it caused stumbled channel in the performance of the media for its mission to the fullest, and forced the channel through which to the temporary invisibility for Distinguished viewers, was able to channel thanks to God first, and then efforts dedicated to freedom of the leaders and the people of Egypt to overcome the economic crisis, which passed out, and return the Middle Channel to the audience and her fans, to continue the process of development Media and outstanding performance, and in new management and its transmission of new supports outstanding channel path, and add to it more experience of administrative, technical and media competencies.
In this context, the Middle Channel is pleased to announce to our valued viewers for the following positive developments:
• Middle back to her fans on the same own frequency 11137 أفقي على مدار نايل سات، بدءا من الأول من سبتمبر 2015م بإذن الله، وتسعى إلى أن يتطور الأداء الإعلامي لها، كي تتجاوز النجاحات التي حققتها في السابق، عبر خطة مدروسة تجعل قناة الشرق قناة كل القوى الوطنية المصرية وتعبيرا عن طموحات وأصوات الجماعة الوطنية دون تفرقة بين مصري ومصري وفي إطار موقف واضح من قضايا الحريات والديمقراطية ورفض الاستبداد ونبذ العنف بكافة صوره وأشكاله وهذا من خلال الأداء المهني المتميز ،إضافة إلى مزيد من الحوارات والانفرادات الصحفية من داخل مصر
• في إطار تطوير أعمال القناة في انطلاقتها الجديدة، تم اختيار مجلس إدارة جديد للقناة يرأسه الدكتور أيمن نور ويتضمن المجلس كوكبة من الرموز المتميزة
The new council and make sincere thanks and appreciation to former colleagues in the Governing Council, led by Dr. Bassem Khafagi for their channel of effort and success, and on the last stage management .
ويعلن مجلس الادارة الجديد أن القناة نجحت في تجاوز الأزمة المالية التي مرت بها عبر دخول استثمارات في القناة من عدد من رجال الأعمال الوطنيين لدفعها للخروج من أزمتها الحالية، وكذلك توقيع عدد من عقود الإعلانات التي ستساهم في تخفيف الأعباء الاقتصادية على القناة، إضافة إلى التدرج في استعادة عدد ساعات البث الحي والبرامج الحوارية.
• تشهد القناة خلال الفترة القادمة تطويرا في العديد من المجالات إعلاميا وفنيا وإداريا مع اختيار مجلس الإدارة الجديد الذي بدأ أعماله في الإشراف على القناة، ونرجو من الله أن يحظى التطور باهتمام وتشجيع المشاهدين وأن يحقق تطوير الأداء الإداري والفني والتقني بالقناة طموحات محبيها، والأهداف الإعلامية التي تحرص القناة على تحقيقها.
• progressing channel Middle sincere appreciation and thanks to all National Liberal who contributed to cover part of the financial channel needs through the IPO in the channel shares, helping to maintain continuity through the stages of the economic crisis have, and confirms the Council of channel management to preserve the rights of all shareholders through the IPO, and we wish and we are keen to support the continuation of the Middle Channel, and Time communicate in all that helps to develop the channel in all fields.
• As the channel progressing sincerely thank the generous and a great appreciation for the team working in the channel to carry the past difficulties stage economic, and to preserve the march of the channel and distinguish it despite the lack of available financial resources, which is experienced by all the free channels defending the restoration of the Egyptian people for his free will.
• keen Middle channel to maintain the political orientation of moderate and independent of any groups or currents, with full care to cross the channel policies editorial year, directing the identity and aspirations of moderate centrist stream in the Egyptian and Arab society, and to be a window for each views the free and attitudes in favor of the rights of peoples to freedom and salvation from all oppression, injustice and tyranny patterns.
• The Board of channel management calls for all lovers of the Middle Channel and sympathizers and decent audience to support the continuation of the Middle Channel and all media channels free in the performance of its mission and its development and the preservation of the meanings of freedom and objectivity and hope in a better future for our countries.
• Middle Channel Management Council confirms the continuation of the channel in its line of free media and the preservation of the mosque between its logo “the reality .. And hope” We ask God to help and guide.”.

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