Dec 1, 2023

In jurisprudence and kraft Suit .. By: Wael Kandil

In jurisprudence and kraft Suit .. By: Wael Kandil

It only remains to come out on a Friday fatwa, originally a legitimate book of the year and there are, on the emergence of the Russian intelligence man, and a man of Egyptian intelligence, Vladimir Putin and Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, on the body “Two souls in Zquibh”, Or reach another battalion military Muftis evidence that wear two generals same colors to the extent of matching of righteousness signs, or of Bisharat victory, or a message from heaven, that a prophet III of the Soviets strain, joining Sisi and former minister of interior, Mohammed Ibrahim, who wear it It is the ministry of prophecy, so Tsttb his leadership alone, religiously, politically and security.

Hold the remote-Control, and select the first Egyptian satellite Tkablk, or browse the newspaper Cisse, and revel in excess and a revised copy of the media Hubal, in celebration of the heavenly miracle that made Putin and Sisi dressed in the same suit, and the Association of the neck itself, and the T-shirts the same, without the order or prior agreement.

Before this spiritual transfiguration directly, broadcast one of the notorious doctrine Sisi that Gen. Egypt went early on the schedule to visit Russia Day, in one of the most farces diplomatic protocol in the history of international relations, as if Sisi, his sense of intelligence, travel decision taken early, in order to study the scene well, you know what Putin will wear, in order to equip his surprise, make it fly from happiness, Vidzl his tender, and gives him more of TV footage and photos.

In it, one as resource politicians told me that Hosni Mubarak was doing the same thing with Anwar Sadat when he was president, in an effort to ensure continued satisfaction and acceptance, was keen to recognize what you worn by the president before going to the palace, from a court staff, in order to simulated , and it appears in front of him like a small version of it.

Sisi deals with Putin, as if he has employees, or take the ideal and example, or less political and spiritual reference, Viqrb him Balnoavl clothing, keen, all the time, to express admiration and fascination and loyalty, and Isepk Bgham on this official Altsagr Egyptian that deliberately inform machines General to call etiquette experts and professors of the Protocol, to fathom the guest and host wear the same uniforms, and dimensional analysis and serious implications of this unified appearance, as if they were, to express Egyptian toddler “Foula and split texts”, Or are the two faces of one coin intelligence, as you go “To Hlobh” From “To Halep” Military Media.

Excel newspaper, which was founded to School “Eyes will suddenly”، وترقى أحد كتابها بعد أن كتب معبراً عن لوعته وندمه، لأنه لم يخلق امرأة، من أجل عيون الجنرال، تتفوق على ما عداها في فنون “Aekhnh Press”, While paint this picture comedy “Go to meet each other at a steady pace, confident, Bakamp head and pulled up, topped with a broad smile to announce a mutual respect between the parties, these steps expire warm handshake”.

Sends a message to meet the two men to the world, confirming that the two countries on the ES, accident of fate that brings together presidents, Egyptian Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a coincidence repeated more than once during the two presidents visits to each other, the similarity “suit” Each of them, even in a tie, and that this accident has shown anything, it is indicative of the intellectual convergence enjoyed by each of the two presidents, even in their clothes.

Then cry newspaper who described Bkhbayrh etiquette and body language, to say that coincidence wear presidents “Suit the same message to the world, confirms that the two countries enjoy the status of a great understanding, show up in uniform, indicating the case of greater understanding experienced by the two presidents and countries”

Apart from that the previous romantic image suitable to describe the state of the newlyweds, or Habibn in the Aquarium, more than worthy of the expression of a meeting a diplomat, what is deplorable, here, it came time to Egypt where, decreased the level of feeling humbled and lack of value to the level of measurement the size of the state and its extent of similarities between what he wears ruler, and worn by other large state governor, signed the congruence, Valhakman are equal in greatness, and the two tie for the power and prestige International Tribunals.

This homeland or ward of dangerous situations in a psychiatric hospital?

the source: Arab New

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