Dec 9, 2023

A wave of violent financial crises began to hit the corners of satellite channels

A wave of violent financial crises began to hit the corners of satellite channels

A wave of financial crises violent begun to hit the corners of the satellite channels with the beginning of this year unabated, even the specter of bankruptcy began to flirt with each other, causing the affected stocks broadcasters programs «talk show» in these channels, and seemed mostly unable to meet its financial receivables and large numbers charged These broadcasters, as a result of the large losses incurred by the channels because of these figures, which some of them pay to think of migration to other stations.

Ibrashi leave «Dream»
Beginning of the crisis was through satellite «Dream», that live screen, the heaviest financial crisis, with people working on them have not gone without wages for four months consecutive, which prompted the channel management to blacken one of the screens «Dream 1», and the demobilization of a large number of workers, and the recognition of cut annual salary to anchor the most prominent Wael Ibrashi, provider program «ten pm», from 6 Millions of pounds to 4 And a half million.

Close to the «Ibrashi» Sources hinted that he earnestly considering study offers made to him at the moment, as a prelude to his departure for «Dream», sources pointed out that the next stop for «Ibrashi» could be a channel «Cairo and people» that negotiated with him to appear on the silver screen counterpart 7 Million pounds annually.

Ezz faith in life
The announcer channel «ten» Iman Izz al-Din has contracted with the channel to provide life «Talk Show» a daily program on the screen «Life 2» in exchange for two million pounds a year.

In a related development anchorwoman Amani Khayat began to study the number of presentations made to it by the number of satellite channels from, and specifically after the termination of its contract with the satellite «Cairo and people», and over the past few days «Khayat» received offers from several channels, especially the channel « MBC Egypt »to contract with them, but still differentiate between these offers.

"Make yourself at home"
The big media Mahmoud Saad provider program «last day», has received an offer from Ihab Talaat owner of Channel TEN, about a week ago to offer the program «Make yourself at home», provided by Alaalamian Amr Abdul Hamid, and Rami Radwan, but «Saad» demanded he be solo, which it was approved by the channel management.

Reham Al-Sahli
The broadcaster «90 Minutes» famous media Reham Al-Sahli, who lives a black episode of its history after its departure from the channel «ten», due to the exercise of their jurisdiction for a long period out of the limelight, they immediately welcomed the offer satellite channel capital that have entered into serious negotiations with them recently to offer program «Talk Show» daily on the channel screen, but still maneuvering with the owner of the channel sensitive happy to raise the value of the financial offer, which believes that is not commensurate with the great history.

Tony Khalife
With the end of the month of Ramadan, in surprise, it announced the Lebanese media illustrious Tony Khalife, the dissolution of his contract with Channel «Cairo and people», because of disagreement with the owner of the channel Tarek Nour on the renewal of his contract formula, to go around the channel after a long journey spent between walls TV dearest to his heart lasted about seven years.

Immediately after his departure from «Cairo and people», scrambled several Arab and Egyptian channels to contract with him, most notably the life channel, which is likely to appear across the silver screen in the coming period after welcoming the offer in accordance with the close of the great media sources, after his return from the Lebanese capital Beirut, which serving the long vacation.

«Hangman» and «Eldemerdash»
The information available also indicates that the writer Magdi press executioner prepares to pack his bags and pick up his papers from the channel «CBC», and move to another station, it reported close to the executioner sources, that the new experience will be with the famous businessman Ahmed Ezz, who prepares to launch a satellite channel soon.

The last migratory birds, the media will be Demerdash he prepares is the other to leave channel «MBC Egypt», after his program «the most dangerous man in the world», failed to make a profit Advertisment expected from him, and instructed him to some close to the channel management is seriously considering to terminate its contract with him, and that the new season will be the last of his program. Which prompted Eldemerdash to think seriously about the offer, which recently received from Walid Daabas famous business man, to provide «Talk Show» program on the channel «MTI», which will be launched soon.

Tamer and «writer»
As opposed to the tense atmosphere there Broadcasters are still enjoying the committee stability, not thinking to leave their channels, and the media, led by Amr Adib provider «Cairo program today» on the screen «Orbit», which earns three million pounds and a half million pounds a year, and Tamer Amin, who renewed his contract last month with «Rotana Egyptian», compared to three million pounds and a half million pounds per year also.

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