Dec 1, 2023

Who leads the black scenario in Egypt?

Who leads the black scenario in Egypt?

The killing of the students, Anas al-Mahdi and Islam Attiyto, killing the officer Wael Tahoun, the killing of the Attorney General Hisham Barakat, killing dozens of soldiers and officers in the Sinai time quantum (I do not know), The killing of infidels elements military spokesman as he calls it, of the nine leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, the killing, the killing of a leading brothers in the chase, and the other which was found by chance in the morgue refrigerator was found dead as a result of torture, and a sniper killed the officers and soldiers in ambushes in Sinai… And much more than remind him in the last two months, alert us all to the killing of the Attorney General and then the tragic disaster Sinai City 6 October, littered manifestations of schadenfreude and revenge, then her anti appearances. Is not it? Then the charges and counter-charges on the way (You Monkey.. You do not monkey)And we came out tipping bucket Commando pretend anger, to make matters worse, addresses and politicized judiciary, or brackish, the language of the military with Asalm, or worse, a message (Hovoa Chglkm), Say: Execution and I say: All.. You say I enforced along.

Is this how the matter? Oohma is the first and most important question today? Is this the right blood? The first question today is: Of the killer? And how to kill? And why? This is the question the case and indeed, before that is difficult to put in the future. The killing of the Attorney General? And how to kill? are they “Brotherhood” Parrots, as alleged by the media, and the like? It is those of them “Brotherhood” By name? Is it a group other than “Brotherhood” Espouse violence and assassination? Who were they? What is the story former Thunderbolt, which we went out to become a long story and the story of a petition officer? The driver, who came out of the incident, the Attorney General of dough Kalsharh story? The real story of the injury that led to his death and conflicting data? Or is death squads and kill devices belonging to the secret, I decided to get rid of it, to ignite the situation?

Of murder? Of the killer? But of the deceased? Yes, to this degree, arrived ambiguity and blindness: Of the deceased?
Some might say: The slain it is known, and this is not real. Soldiers and officers Almqtolon in Sinai unknown number and not personalities, and the data are inconsistent around them in national newspapers, especially the coup, as well as international news agencies, and anxiety, which included the putschists in identified in each incident, current or former, leaving no room for confidence in this data.

Battle knowledge in Egypt is the largest battles of the people that must be fought without hesitation or delay. Right to know today the greatest rights; homeland and the citizen's rights, and human rights: The individual and society, human biology and killed. It is our right to know: Of the deceased? It is the killer? And what is happening in this cascading more than two years since the accident, but since 25 January 2011. This does not have a right, like languishing in the offices of the security services, and they alone are responsible for the major state of ignorance that fill the corners of the nation, and they do not do that a deficit is not negligence, but intentionally, they are able.. So why?

Neutrals have major doubts in these devices and their leaders those who made it: Their intentions are unknown, and plans are unknown, processes, tools and practices unknown. They do not hide it, but also to hide the facts of what other people are doing, and brought to the courts and procuratorates comic papers, do not care about liquidates many here and there. Who benefits from the absence of knowledge, especially in light of conflicting stories and the exchange of accusations and split society acclaimed as?

There are two counts of senior in Egypt are Alokhtaran and Alojdran research and investigation: First, accused the Muslim Brotherhood to form groups used violence of killings and bombings; is responsible for the dead, the army and the police outside the Sinai, and many bombings in security or civilian agencies, and the incursions of Prisons. Complemented by accusing cooperation or coordination or alliance with the mandate of Sinai (Ansar Bait al-Maqdis) In the Sinai, and the movement of Hamas from Gaza; either exercises or arming or financing or joint action. Which does not stop the group from denial and condemnation of the payment as a peaceful group, the Revolutionary choice peaceful, but raised the peaceful roof to below the spirits, or the so-called quality of work; from cutting roads or sabotage a power plant or the burning of a world free of the staff of a government building, but accuses the security forces and the army and thugs to kill her sons and their supporters in the streets or houses or places of detention or prisons.

However, it is the most dangerous thing for draw “Brotherhood” Charging, though the media and propaganda rather than serious, they kill their children in order to occupy thy blood politically. This means do “Brotherhood” Conduct a dirty war, to implicate their opponents in the blood of their supporters.
Second, accuse regular security authorities, and other confidential and private, was formed specifically of the army and police after the revolution, and developed after “3 July” Accused of murder, not only against the demonstrators in the squares and rallies, and in homes and in farms, apartments and universities, as well as police stations and prisons. But, also, that these entities conducting a dirty war, killing or maiming erupted and implement operations against civilian, security and military targets, and to kill soldiers and officers and judges, including the Attorney General, and to paste the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters; and then completed its plan in repression and control of the new, under the umbrella of (The war on terror).

The most dangerous thing in the latter part it; that speculation, analysts believe that there is a dirty war operations in Egypt, similar to what is known military and police systems through history. Vgaah that “Brotherhood” Kill their children weak and excluded, but that regulations kill her children, with loud noise and lights of the national prosecution and agitation against the enemies of the army and police, described it tried within enemy industry strategies, and fueling conflict and enticement to violence brutal and manufacture of the death groups that are formed in such periods.

This is a partial frightening in the scene, and worthy to inspect it, and make sure of their validity. Do not rule out that the officers were killed and did not care about the security authorities to kill them, no investigation nor retaliation, unlike the others, they were killed at the hands of these parties for reasons unknown, some speculate as relating to their position of political situation and the repressive and brutal practices. It is a review of the senior officers who were murdered could smell an unusual odor, and a review of bombings heavily fortified positions and statements about them and the way the pro-intelligence dealing with the media, find the smell pungent and provocative record.

Of those killed? Are killed by the death of groups have been formed and allocated to the operations of the dirty war? And the instructions of the supreme security stable leadership in power management on the current battle of winning home? It is already been formed brutal groups in Egypt for these purposes? Where are and components? It led? It is trained? It is, armed? And its relationship abroad, especially contractor training and armament of the army and police in Egypt (The United States, and include the day: Israel)? And the most important processes that can be attributed to it? Is it that broke up the various fields with the utmost cruelty, without a mercy? It leads this black scenario in Egypt? and how? And in the interest of?
It is our right to know, to ask, to look, to question, to find a satisfactory answer honest transparent and thorough.

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