Mar 4, 2024

Message Mr. Ahmed Abdul Aziz to the General Guide


He wrote Mr. Ahmed Abdul Aziz, media advisor to President Mursi in Facebook through his comments on the appearance of the red Balbdlh general guide for the first time, saying, :

The virtue of the supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Mohamed Badie Oazza God
God's peace be upon you ..

Today the world saw you sir for the first time the red Balbdlh !!
What does it mean red suit?
And what it means to be worn by a man like you exceeded the seventy?
And what it means to be the case, despite the famous Mcoltk “Slmutena stronger than bullets” ؟

This means sir we live in a forest, its king was captured, but there was not left where hyenas and dogs ..
This means the assassination of justice ..
This means that the law does not have a presence ..
The mean absolute absence of logic ..
It means you're worthy of where you are and your status between brothers and between people ..
This means that you have not followed your religion and your country and your invitation and your case ..
This means that you preferred to meet God to look in the faces of the Ghabra, Atragaha Guetrp sold itself to make him a serial killer servile rebels Grace of God for each lesson traitor licentious ..
And means you choose life not death ..
This means that you chose to be a partner of Hamza Bin Abdul Muttalib uncle of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him at his home “The master of martyrs” ..
This means that you tell us : Ttrajawa not all right, and waiver with him, whatever the price ..
This means that you tell us : Completed your revolution, and you must not fade away Azaimkm ..
This means that you tell us : Not slept the eyes of cowards ..
And means ..
And means ..

Mr. Leader of the Secretary-trustee ..
Your smile is stronger than bullets ..