Dec 11, 2023

Mohammed Abdul Quddus writes: Please try to understand me

Mohammed Abdul Quddus writes: Please try to understand me

Many of my friends Talboni to resign from the National Council for Human Rights, but there are others close to my heart told me “Dare”.. Stay there a thorn in their throat expose their goals, and fate sent you there to be appointed people.. And the conscience of the people in this place.. Do not leave it.
And I came back to my conscience and invoked him.. She noted that many of the secular extremists very Zaalanin of my stay in this Council; such as Justice Minister Ahmed ulna, and the Coptic fanatical Naguib Gabriel, they claim that the National Council for Human Rights brothers, as evidenced by the presence of Mohammed Abdul Quddus there while defending the Muslim Brotherhood, and if I left my position would be those very happy!!
I wonder about the lies that we see.. Who Sevdhaa of Members if all honest people left their positions.. Take the last example you have your Scorpio prison, The statement issued by debunking the report on the face of it a severe blow, and objection from within the Human Rights Council a million times better than I am of the protest outside!
Then I am in constant contact with the families of prisoners of conscience by virtue of my do my best to serve them as much as possible, and notch their voices.. In the face of injustice which they are exposed.. And rest assured, my group will not change my positions.. And I will always refusing to military rule in the heart of the Muslim Brotherhood and national opposition, God willing,.

the source : Gateway freedom and justice

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