Dec 11, 2023

Wael Kandil writes: which one is biggest .. Mary the mother of zero zero Ahmed?

Wael Kandil writes: which one is biggest .. Mary the mother of zero zero Ahmed?

Be a high school student, Mary Angel, her famous zero, you may have done well, she and her family, apology for the failure to meet the invitation to meet with the patriarch of the church to discuss the crisis, as picked websites. If it is true that the reason for not giving an apology after the sectarian tragedy “Reset as a result of Mary”, We are going to be very important and simple lesson, together, in the sense of citizenship, give this small, Bafoitha, for all, the government and the religious institution and society, and gives us hope for a different future.

The witness that just approaching the church from this crisis, even if just to console one of its nationals, the disposal includes a measure of immaturity, lack of fitness, political and social, especially with this community tension, which people pay for making comparisons between this and that.
The many cases similar catastrophe zero Mary of Ihno do not find it, please received by the Prime Minister, who Thacrj his voice and his eyes shined with tears, he says to Mary “I sleep will not come back until your right”, And he called the Patriarch, or the imam of the largest, of the console, or relieve pain, or even from the door of the review of influence, and to exercise spiritual authority in essentially a scientific issue.

Circulated newspaper sites, timidly, tale Radwa student who almost her story match with the theme of Mary, as well as student Ahmed, and every day unfold a new catastrophe in the manipulation of public secondary results of the file, switch leaves the answers, without being absent from the background of ghosts scene favoritism class, from the quality of those that decide to apply a formal decision on the exception of the adult children of geographical distribution when to go to university, as well as prevent the children of peasants, students from the regions, from approaching the media collages, Economics and Political Science.
The comedy climax when the witness saw from her family in a television intervention at a depth of farce, as head blow Control security and public secondary previously folded bomb by announcing that Assistant Dakahlia security manager's son, was rigging the result of his high school last year, until the first Republic.
Not tweet “Tribes Twitter” Heavily in order to Radwa, or Ahmed, did not scramble the satellite channels to them, did not Mohamed Sobhi offers one of the roles poorly worded, artificial, and declares that Mtkvl teach one abroad, and did not shiver Frais Ibrahim Mahlab, and acceleration of administrative prosecutor to open an investigation, not the public prosecutor decided to re Investigation by the new committee, differ from previous. So, I was not in front of the children of the black duck but to resort to demonstrate in front of the Ministry of Education, on anyone hears voices.
وبالطبع، لا تقلل هذه الملاحظة من جسارة مريم وضربها المثل في التمسك بالحق، كمواطنة مصرية، فقط، الأمر الذي يجعل منها أيقونة حقيقية للنضال الشخصي من أجل ترسيخ قيمة وإرساء مبدأ، وكنا نتمنى لو أن أجهزة الدولة استوعبت الأمر، وتعلمت من مريم وأسرتها كيف تكون العدالة والمساواة والمواطنة، كما تتجلى في تصريحات شقيقها الأكبر بيشوي، والتي وجه من خلالها رسالة شديدة الوضوح لكل من يحاول الاصطياد في مياه الطائفية، وبتعبير بسيط “I say to the Copts of the Diaspora, and the Copts abroad who are interested in the case, thank you for your love and attention, and especially thank Bishop Anba Australia Sratyonan.
But, if they want to extend an invitation to Mary, to direct their call itself to Marwa Isa student facing the same problem with his sister, Mary, because the Egyptian, and mesh Hntalaa humiliate Egypt”.
قضية صفر مريم الشهير، مقابل الأصفار المغمورة لعشرات غيرها، صورة مصغرة من قضية التعامل مع السجناء والمعتقلين في مصر، حين تسلط الأضواء على مجموعة من الأسماء اللامعة، من بين أكثر من 60 Thousand prisoners and detainees, unjustly, not hardly hear about these anonymous, but when the announcement of the death of one of them inside the cell, medical negligence, or a dose of excessive torture.

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