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Ihsan al-Faqih writes: The Iranian-Israeli relations. Behind the scenes
Ihsan al-Faqih writes: The Iranian-Israeli relations. Behind the scenes
I saw the Persian king “Ahasuerus” , Who ruled in the fifth century BC, beauty, charm, and he married her and made her queen, without knowing that the girl “Esther” Jewish, the daughter of a Jewish merchant residing in Sosa.
Esther learned that a conspiracy in Persia to kill the Jews, took her old age and minister “Haman”, Has formulated a banquet for the king to submit a petition to him, and when he asked her and promised to submit their request in a second banquet in the presence of his minister Haman.
King asks her about the need, she replied that they seek her life, where she and her family and the people are subjected to slaughter and genocide, Vtmket confusion Mena and asked her about it, who wants to slaughter and her tribe, she replied: Haman.
The result of this petition, that foiled the attempt, were rescued Jews, and executed Haman.
*That story, which talked about the Old Testament, reveal that religious and historical link between Jews and Iranians (Fars)And therefore acquired city “Hamedan” Iranian Jews have great importance, because it contains the tomb of the queen, who saved Jews.
At the same time the Jews exaggerate the Persian king estimate (Qvrsh) And they see the Savior whom God sent to them, after the looting in Babylon 539 BC and freed the Jews from Babylonian Captivity.
These historical roots extend to relations between the Israeli occupation and Iran, where they - and contrary to what Osalth Iran in the hearts of Muslims - not hostile relations, but built on the strategic interests and sought Iran because this link is not visible to the Arabs.
*According to a memorandum of secrecy lifted in October 1972: “The Arabs can tolerate the content of the document Israeli-Iranian relations as long as they do not appear in Foreign Relations”.
Even after Khomeini's revolution in 1979, changes in the Iranian-Israeli relations did not happen bubbles fancy that keen on Iran, which launched slogans against Israel and have no practical reality translated, but that Israel was supporting Iran, and the goal was clear, where she wanted Israel rapprochement with the weight of an equivalent of the Arabs of Israel's enemies.
Trita Parsi says in his book alliance of common interests: “Ironically, when he called on Iranian leaders to destroy Israel in the eighties of the last century, the Israel lobby and the pro in Washington trying to influence in the United States and carry them to not pay attention to the Iranian rhetoric”.
As I said earlier and I repeat, that Iran has been taken from the declared hostility towards Israel and the means to promote the revolution means to the people and passion for the issue of Jerusalem of the utmost importance to have, and exploited the plight of the Palestinian people, the Arab governments to weaken the pro-Oslo.
*Iran is a country with a national project expansive sectarian Barakazh, and the expansion of pragmatism is one of the pillars upon which its foreign policy, and then taken from a bridge close ties to Israel to build good relations with America, laminated hostility, expressed by saying Parsi: “Iran's policy with Israel relied on a lot of shouting but with little acts “.
Iran has concentrated its goal to establish a Shiite Hilalha in the region, which was confirmed by Abolhassan Bani-Sadr, Iran's first president after the revolution, he said: “Khomeini says he wants to establish a Shi'ite belt to control the Muslim world, this was a belt consisting of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and when it becomes master of this belt oil is used and the location of the Arabian Gulf to control the rest of the Muslim world”.
Iranian hostility toward Israel was not only a consumer populist speech, while the reality is firmly on the convergence between the two parties at the expense of the Arab region, where Israeli and Iranian join the project in more than a point.
*Israeli The project, which depends on securing the Jewish state, and if necessary wars, and the consecration of hegemony and military superiority and prevent the emergence of any rival power in the region, shares with the Iranian project in more than one axis.
The researcher in strategic research organization “Ali Hussein Bakir” In a study entitled “Iranian project the Arab and Islamic region, that those common themes is the yard work, are the same as in the same projects, but that Israel has focused on the Levant and Egypt circle as a top priority, while focusing on the Gulf Iran and Iraq as a top priority.. According to him..
The two countries both rely on self-defense strategy outside its borders, Israel relies on the enormous military superiority, Iran relies on regional arms capacity and is parallel to the achievement of this objective.
Both Israel and Iran as it considers the most efficient in the control of the Arab region.
What the two sides meet in hand rather than in it, it is according to what he sees Bakir:
Each presents itself as superior to its Arab neighbors…
Each is believed to be separate from the rest of its surroundings culturally, politically and ethnically…
Meet with each other in theory “ Peace not war”…
Their words have the same attitudes and tactics towards the issues of the Arab world, have the priority to the fragmentation of communities and the Arab countries, and pursues both tensioning the exact policy..
The Israeli-Iranian rapprochement larger than is promoted.
Did you know that Persian songs sung in Jerusalem, and was able to Iranian Jews over twenty years to find a market for Persian songs in Israel?
Did you know that the Jews did not flee the Iranian Diaspora Jews from persecution in the countries where they lived out, but emigrated of their own volition?
Did you know that Iran hosts the largest Jewish community in the Middle East outside of Israel?
And that more than 200 A Iranian Jew living in Israel with their children, some of whom belong to the highest levels of the Israeli political elite?
Did you know that Israeli President Moshe Katsav, an Iranian-born?
And Shaul Mofaz, a former defense minister and an Iranian-born?
And that the former Chief of Staff Dan Halutz of Iranian immigrant parents?
Is incredible that in Iran about 40 Jewish sweep (A synagogue, a Jewish temple collection) Hebrew schools attached to them ..?
Did you know that the Jews of Iran may Hzawa considerable support from former President Khatami, who said in 2006: “Do not forget that one of the crimes of Hitler, Nazism and German national socialism, is committing massacres against innocent people, including many Jews”؟.
Did you know that Israel has played the role of mediator in the secret weapons that scandal known as Iran Gate deal, when America delivered a shipment of missiles to Iran for use in the war against Iraq?
*Examples of the more limited by the articles, the most notable of the files relating to the branching of the Iranian-Israeli relations are Hezbollah's relationship with Israel, which is what will be the subject of eating in a subsequent article, God willing.. The rest was in the old.
However, it is a matter of surprise and wonder, that many of the children of our nation are still to this day believe they are in Iran the victory symbol of the Palestinian cause, and they trembled from her Israelis Frais.
I conclude my talk to those Disappeared Persons of Palestinian supporters or fans Iran in particular, and say Hspkm was announced by Ahmadinejad, former Iranian president to the Middle East, the number of newspaper: 10136 On 29 In August 2006, where he said: “Iran is not a threat to foreign countries, not even to the Zionist regime”.
If only some national reading ..

the source : Gulf Affairs

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