Dec 9, 2023


Sayf al-Din Abdel-Fattah writes: Paranoid tipping bucket

Tipping bucket in his footsteps and his plan is still groping into his panic both at home, which we no longer see him only in military units or military installations, disguised in his movement However chorus surrounded by bodyguards around him seem even his presence in the military Mhadhanh terrified panic.
Here is putting civilian president-elect, who was kidnapped in a glass cage prevents his voice and chasing it any other novel is novel coup fallen doomed to failure, which should not deceive one, he aghast even of words and their impact and sincerity Faiharb honesty from all the way through the passes done and usurpation of power which is the essence of his crime. He is also speaking from behind the glass until it is safe giving a speech.
O God, a glass cage prevents floor glass cage Last surrounded by even deliver a speech, does not move, but disguised panic to communicate with people who falsely claimed that with him and supporter, and he chose the comic presidential election numbers regain false and counterfeit descent, and with all of this claim it is afraid that continue with any fans and panic of any collection, even if easy. Have you seen how celebrated workers in one of the security or military barracks, has been accustomed to the people of Egypt from Egypt to celebrate the workers in one of their facilities, but paranoid tipping bucket turns the usual haunted by fear from anywhere on the length and width of the country.
As well as it is not better off in foreign plan, international visits to the paranoid tipping bucket is only so treacherous that haunted Gdrth and Gsbh and raped for everything related to given complete authority and power, no matter after its place in all haunted by the movement of the deed and Gdrth, chasing him to kill him and intimidation, Vysafarth to New York during the General Assembly meeting Try to avoid his opponents did Alovail and other appointments, however chased them and Hasroh acting Kalmzaour like someone who wants to escape from the trap and was taken from his inner circle of clapping and cheat and Enawq and painted, chorus Alivk accompanied even with the length of his trip, sheltering them to hide Gdrth and covers their paranoia and the fear of God, On the way visit to Germany chased the words of the speaker of parliament, who refused to meet him for revealing and flagrant Gdrth, this time accompanied by a delegation of artists thinking that they can dwell fear or to prevent him chase Gdrth.
Here is a tipping bucket paranoid does all do to pass the coup and Gdrth, he wants to with each visit to carry a bribe him, thinking that bribing him that he could obtain some of the legitimization of the rapist and the violator to do both fundamental and foundational human rights, does not care about the blood of Aragaha or souls haunted or Iatqlha, held “Rafale deal” French bribe, held “Alsamenz deal” German Brchah imagined this could acquire legitimacy or satisfaction or bought on the base of this can be left out for Gsbh Gdrth and, if it is paranoid “CAD dubious to say take me”.
But this time has to Tmth from where the count, as it attacked the student in the Faculty of Medicine “University of Mainz” Tipping bucket, at the conclusion of the press conference, compiled by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin. And it headed for the student, for Cisse sharply, saying “You are a murderer.. You are a Nazi.. You fascist”And chanted angrily “down to military regime.. You are unjust”, According to the transfer site “Spiegel Online” German, and added the same location – Egyptian journalists tried to LNB on emotion girl, through chants: “Long live Egypt.. Long live Egypt”. Chorus Sisi which Ajtalpha of Egypt fabrication of journalists trying to calm down from paranoia and trying to expel Gdrth and do the coup, but since when can escape the treacherous Bgdrth. As the press conference ended Algmeh and expose him.
It was supposed, according to the announcing for some time to be the point of the presidential plane carrying tipping bucket paranoid to the West, where London, but the cause of what is the concept, turned and his part of the terms of the exact opposite, to the east, where began an Asian tour initiated by the Russian capital Moscow, opponents explains to him conversion compass visit to the Asia-Middle East instead of the West to avoid the possibility of legal prosecution and arrest him in London, where the lawsuits was held against him by accusing him of killing hundreds of Egyptian citizens, despite all the arrangements announced, some of which singled out the British side no objection was received, the visit was canceled, or postponed in accordance with the other supporters of Sese assert that the aim of replacing the East and West, is to work on isolating the West, where I felt the United States – for example – Already isolated, so set off a chorus fabrication to justify changing the course of his journey.
This time he wants to elect the course of his journey, including not gripped by his trip, will go to countries that do not talk about safe democratic locked relaxes the tyranny and secure the chase Gdrth, because tipping bucket paranoid wanted to plan everything in his stations, it is the conduct of its safety line route of even a is secured, but it pleases the Almighty not end his journey but remember Bgdrth and killed and shed blood, Indonesian Society for Human Rights organized a humanitarian demonstration in front of the presidential palace in Indonesia refused to visit the tipping bucket participants and demanded his trial, also waved banners denouncing the visit, and calling for the fall of the “Dictator” Likening it “Netanyahu”, It Gdrth chasing him everywhere.
And then we challenge him to travel to London, as the media trumpeted the chorus to call “Cameron” Him to visit Britain rose voices “The whole world preaching affection”, With a warning Lawyers for Human Rights Defenders senior officials in his regime, they may face arrest upon arrival to London at the invitation of the British government, and so on charges of crimes against humanity. The British Prime Minister David Cameron called tipping bucket last July to visit Britain, but tipping bucket paranoid postponed the visit for fear of being exposed to it or other members “In the military regime” If the arrest is sought by human rights lawyers to obtain this diary of the British courts within the overall offenses in respect of collective competence, in the words of The Guardian newspaper. The lawyer competent crimes wars Top Cadman believes that fear of arrest was Sisi “One of the reasons behind the lack of coming” So far Britain.
Paranoid feared tipping bucket and the heart of his visit from West to East, and continued to fear that prevented him from attending the AU summit in South Africa trip, he tipping bucket paranoid treacherous when mainly Gdrth When haunted Gdrth scored his crimes.

the source : Egypt and the Arab

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