Feb 21, 2024

Shaima Iron writes: It's not their women rights women Egypt

Are human rights associations in Egypt in the hundreds, including dozens of associations concerned with women's rights, is most of these associations activities at conferences attended by businesswomen and wives of state officials and the owners of political office, it is a sort of luxury for that class and call the social role may be to Tnabz no more, Although the budgets of those associations beyond the billions of pounds a year, whether the official support from the state allocated in the state budget or through huge donations.

According to statistics, exceeding, for example, the National Council for Women's Rights subsidized from the state budget budget amount of money up to the 30 Million pounds annually, the Council, which has been linked to the name of Suzanne Mubarak, and her friends, which was supervised by the first lady herself to assist them, while estimates of the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood about the budget 80 Million pounds annually, the figures issued by the official statistics probably spent in fact may exceed those numbers to reach an astronomical figure, as that money is spent on activities of relevance no more no Egyptian women affect practically except mantras on its behalf in the conference which will be held in Cairo Hotels luxury.

Ranked associations concerned with women's rights, or as Taatdei, the rights of every woman in Egypt according to its identity and political, intellectual and affiliation, often frequency slogans of women's liberation and development and advancement and empowerment in the performance of political and social roles, Down those logos and the owners of this movement activists and workers in the women's associations, In the first real test of these logos, after ignoring the majority or we can say all these associations abuses suffered by women and daughters of the Islamic movement and others from the oppositions of the system under military rule.

Devote themselves these associations to adopt the controversial calls only, Ketbna number of associations invite columnist Sharif Almuzeeha, for girls to take off the veil in Tahrir Square, claiming that the call comes in order to correct the expatriate from the Wahhabi movements, concepts, and within the women's associations that have adopted such a call the General Federation of Women Egypt, who welcomed them, and that the words of his boss Hoda Badran, which expressed in their statements hostility and hatred of a political faction particular, for it seems clear that the activity of these associations is limited to the category or the other.

كما وصل الفراغ ببعض تلك الجمعيات لإقامة الوقفات للحيوانات للمطالبة بحقوق الحيوان ووقف العنف الممارس بحق الحيوانات، متناسين تمامًا حقوق الإنسان المهدرة في ظل الحكم العسكري، فواقعة قتل كلب الهرم ليست ببعيدة، والتي انتفضت على إثرها عدد من تلك الجمعيات الحقوقية ونشطائها لإقامة الوقفات التي تطالب بإعدام قاتلي الكلب، مؤكدين في دعواتهم أن صمتهم عن قتل الكلب ربما يودي بحياة إنسان فيما بعد، متجاهلين الآلاف الذين وقعوا قتلى على يد رجال الشرطة المصرية من بينهم مئات النساء والفتيات.

It seems that women's rights associations, which disrupted heads not empty slogans has something of the reality, not enough for the arrest of more than 3000 Women and girls since the third of July coup, or killed about 90 امرأة برصاص رجال الشرطة والجيش، واغتصاب قرابة الـ 50 فتاة من قِبل عناصر الشرطة المصرية، أو إحالة 20 Lady military trials, or two women sentenced to life imprisonment, executions and other right, or to be sentenced to hundreds of years spent by girls and women in prison, or the continued imprisonment of more than 50 Girl, exceeded the year some of them in custody, to demand their rights as long as Rdduha in a vicious slogans of realism or perhaps this requires more effort from the establishment of seminars, conferences and concerts where taking pictures and throwing the press releases and playing on women's rights tone that has become boring commodity.

ولم تلتفت تلك الجمعيات لتنادي بحق المعتقلة “سامية شنن” في الحياة، والتي حكم عليها بالإعدام في مطلع ديسمبر من العام الماضي، تم تأكيده في فبراير من العام الجاري على ذمة القضية المعروفة إعلاميا بـ”أحداث كرداسة”، لاتهامها باقتحام مركز شرطة كرداسة، والشروع في القتل، وسحل مأمور المركز، وحيازة أسلحة وملوتوف، والتي لم تر ناشطات مجال حقوق المرأة أنها تهمًا بالتأكيد لا تستطيع فعلها إلا المرأة الخارقة، كما أن سيدات المجتمع لم يبالين بما تعرضت له تلك المرأة من التعذيب في معسكر الأمن المركزي بالكيلو 10.5، والإهانة اللفظية والجسدية، والتعليق على الحائط، والصعق بالكهرباء، لإجبارها على التصوير معترفةً بتلك التهم الملفقة، أو تعرضها للتعذيب والانتهاكات في سجن القناطر على يد السجانات وقوات فض الشغب والجنائيات.

كما أننا لم نسمع صوتًا للناشطات للشجب أو الإدانة على سبيل المثال لحكم السجن المؤبد بحق المعتقلتين “رشا وهند منير” والذي صدر في أغسطس من العام الماضي بعد اتهامهن بحيازة طلقات خرطوش ورشاش، وحيازة منشورات، والتي لم تحرز أساسًا لهن أو توجد معهن أثناء اعتقالهن في 16 August of the year 2013 من كمين في حدائق القبة في أحداث رمسيس الثانية، كما لم نسمع تنديدًا بما تعرضت له المعتقلتان على مدار قرابة العامين من الاعتقال سواء بالضرب والسب والتهديد بالاغتصاب في قسم شرطة حدايق القبة أو سجن القناطر الذي أدى إلى كسور وكدمات بأجسادهن التي أعياها الإضراب الذي بدأنه عقب صدور الحكم بيومين.

Hearts activists Jurists did not injure also racked their hearts killed pyramid dog, for example, the police threatened to "India Munir" that they tortured her sister if Touht are frequent torture, where they receive share her sister's torture fear death because of her illness, heart, and did not Ebaglin death of husband detained "Rasha Munir" in a queue visit her in prison barrages on the fifth of April last year, all of that does not require any gloss to the oppression of women or those absolute Alhnjorh in each Walkman logos.

Was also seen conferences and vigils held to demand the right of the student, "Nada Ashraf", which was raped just for its defense of a colleague at Al-Azhar University, the police harassed her during her arrest, and that its word arrested instead of her colleague, the subject is harassment, rape and beatings by 3 Policemen, including an officer inside the armored vehicle at Al-Azhar Girls Nasr City branch of the University, and went out the girl to tell the harrowing details of the incident, which is almost unheard of these activists in the human rights field, or maybe heard of but they Athern silence is convenient for the authority, which encourages them to carry out campaigns for Mrothm rights.

As these activities to the presence of snakes and insects in solitary detention policies prison archways, which has been nearly a month in prison, or displays all detention policies of torture at the hands of riot and break up in the Alsjanat forces they did not bother 10 June of last year, or the numerous violations of the wives and daughters of the detainees in the visits, whether clear harassment in the inspection or intransigence in the extraction of the visit permits, and possibly up to verbal abuse or beatings, and possibly detention Hui police officers in the department or prison, as long as these are not They are our fellow citizens women Mstbahat.

Women's rights associations do not see any wrong with verbal and physical abuse against women and girls in their homes during security sweeps that raided their homes for the purpose of the arrests, etc., or to deprive hundreds of students to complete their studies due to dismissal or political Mtardthn because of the opinion that prevent them from entering the university, as well as storming campuses for students and their arrest dozens of times from inside the Klyaten, all of that is not important to discuss in luxury Oroukthm as important as invitations to take off the veil.

ظاهرة نشطاء النسوية والعاملين في المؤسسات التي تروج لهم والجمعيات الحقوقية المعنية بالمرأة في مصر صموا الآذان وغضوا الطرف عن كل هذه الجرائم الوحشية التي تتعرض لها الناشطات من النساء والفتيات المعارضات للسلطة والمقربات منهن، فالمرأة ليس لها حق إلا إذا كانت ضمن بوطقتهم النسوية التي تدّعي التحرر، فالمعتقلة من أجل رأيها لن يتم الدفاع عنها من قبلهم لأن رأيها لا يخصهم وغير نابع من جلدتهم، تلك الظواهر لا تهتم بحق من حقوق المرأة المصرية كما يدعون بل بحقوق امرأة هم فقط من يمثلونها ولا يعرفون سواها، إنها حقوق نسائهم لا نساء المصريين.

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