Feb 21, 2024

Abu khalil : Rule in favor of President Mursi and his aides

Human rights activist Haitham Abu Khalil stressed that the ruling by the Cairo Criminal Court on Tuesday, President Mohamed Morsi, jailed and 14 others sentenced politicized par excellence, stressing that the Egyptian judiciary is a key partner in the bloody coup against the Egyptian revolution and its gains.

He said Abu Khalil At a press statement- The referee in favor of President Mursi and his aides, because it revealed the extent of comic sentences issued by the judiciary against them, mocking the President trial on charges of review powers.

He stressed that the human rights activist acquitted the legitimate president of the country ndash; according to recipe- Of the charge of killing demonstrators in the right certificate, while eliminating the indigenous exonerated the perpetrators in the case from the beginning.

The Cairo Criminal Court sentenced to imprisonment for 20 Years in the case of all detainees “Federal events”, On charges of inciting the killing of demonstrators and detained and tortured in front of the Federal Palace in December 2012, while the court acquitted all detainees from the charge of killing protesters.