Dec 9, 2023

Wael Kandil writes : Constitution antipyretic

Wael Kandil writes : Constitution antipyretic

Do you fear Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of the next parliament to the extent that it gives a signal to his arms, to start a campaign “We have borne the Constitution”And, therefore, it's time to wear it or Fort or extracted? Available data on the shape of the next parliament, says it will be a parliament Sesia military pet, do not Ahish nor Lynch, as it was brought under control at the source, by cutting the road in front of all of the thinking in the competition Consolidated List that have been formed under the direct supervision of the son of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Each remnants of repressive military police state, from retired generals, informants and thugs, Twartthm mountains, since youth Kamal El Shazly and Safwat al-Sharif. The data says, too, that the majority of personalities and parties and gatherings that were put forward in “25 January”, And the other in “30 June”, It announced that it will not participate in the elections, after seeing that the electoral field, the process of planning and architecture took place in a manner that is pressed Sisi much, is the need to integrate into a single list, in order to ensure a harmonious Parliament with what he wants General, therefore, known in advance, and fixed, rather the certainty, that the parliament will not represent a threat to the sissy, or harassed him going. What, then, who pays Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to Sneak constitution, which called for the masses to participate in the vote, approval, at this time, before the parliamentary elections? Sisi hints to amend the constitution came in conjunction with the announcement of the list of military police to take a consolidated “Hnadl Constitution” A slogan for her campaign, which means that the next parliament harmonious and compatible with the wishes of Gen. tampering with the constitution, which confirms that the battle is not the powers of the so-called “Chief” In the face of the powers of the so-called “Parliament”, And then there is no reason to gouge the Constitution, after wearing it, the Alrkik Rake expression Sisi an end to media professionals about the dangers of the Constitution on the future of the country. The point is that this is not the first time that Sisi harass the Constitution, the starting point of Altvzaa parliament, more than two months ago, he said at an iftar ceremony the following “Saying all Egyptians, Constitution de very ambitious, landed powers if Mkins Htistkhaddm in Parliament wisely and patriotically possible hurt citizen Oi, and Egypt are offended by Oi, mesh Hnaml an exceptional measure, and I emphasize this, and possible Parliament be very dangerous performance intentionally or unintentionally drown all those people Benamlh”. Was Abdel Fattah al-Sisi Mnoma, or sedated, is a media and battalions, when they wore the Constitution, after Ovanmohm it sink to the heat of political tension, and anti-bacteria terrorism, then suddenly Shawwa only to discover that the country is in danger of sinking due to the flood of the Constitution and the Parliament? Witness that the media Sisi machine trying to kidnapping people's attention to areas of debate and controversy, concerning the relationship between the presidency and the parliament, as drawn by the new constitution, and the illusion that the powers of the parliament, what may be a constraint to the President, to divert attention from the real motives of harassment by the constitution, which is that old story Duplicate returned, from drama “President and General” Since Gamal Abdel Nasser and Abdel Hakim Amer, and even Hosni Mubarak and Abd al-Halim Abu Ghazala, and now.. You are in the process of constitution ensures material is outlined on the size Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, when he was defense minister, saying only led the coup, declaring that he has no intention, no desire to be president, and here that article stipulates “Be appointed defense minister, after the approval of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, and the applicable provisions of this article for two full terms in office, with effect from the date of the constitution”. This article explains, clearly, that the words “We have borne the Constitution” Sisi camp repeated that means they “Involved” Secretary of Defense in years along the two terms. Had I read the article in the light of what a candidate of news leaks, are linked to the relationship between Sisi and his defense minister, and in the first escalation of his brother, to become the chief of staff, overshadowed by news of his movements and activities on the news, Minister of Defense sometimes, and it appears a lot, compared with the disappearance of the Minister of Defense, it is possible that concludes that the wishes of the amendment to the Constitution stems from the mind of space in the system, more sensitive and inflammation of the tale of fear on the state of Parliament. Only days will reveal what will happen in the upper floors of the building authority in Egypt. On the ground, the reality is pronounced that the first article in the constitution that you want Sisi authority should read “Egypt is a country absurd frivolous, its presidential North Korean absolute”.

the source : Arab New

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