Sep 23, 2023

Wael Kandil writes : With normalization .. Against the spring

Wael Kandil writes : With normalization .. Against the spring

Are officials Arabs have nothing but words of condemnation and denunciation, in the face of the Israeli scenario (Official) To occupy the Al-Aqsa Mosque, by the spatial and temporal partition plan? Yes we have a lot, but this much is worth nothing, if the deficit stockpiled in warehouses and lack of will. It is true that does not cost God soul beyond its scope, and no longer in those expanded only seek between Washington and Moscow, in large and small all belong to the Arabs, is that it is possible to provide a favor to the maximum and Palestine, if they let the new generations to know the story and kept the tale, for what they are, do not on the American Catalog. It is not required of you, gentlemen, but to preserve the memory, and respect for history.

I do not want you to edit the maximum, only BOOKING edit awareness. Is not required to be more than the right of our children to get the book in history, its pages bearing the map of Palestine. We recognize that the current Arab reality Ohn that makes anyone dreamed of a moment of confrontation, or even “willies” Official against Israeli orgy, in the first Qiblah and the third holiest shrine, all what we hope to be available for Arab children to school bag containing the book of the history of his country, not imported from abroad. We do not want that Nekr stillness and Aqekm beautiful happy, only aspire to let the dream awake and alive in the conscience and the memory of generations to come, inevitably will come, rebel to the lies of the date on which written Almtabon, at a time when the Israeli occupier voice has become more influential in the Arab polls.

نعلم أنهم لم يشبعوا انتقاماً بعد، من تلك اللحظة التي تجرّأ فيها العرب، وأسقطوا وهزّوا عروشاً تدين بالولاء لهم، وتتبعهم في طاعة، نعلم أنهم عادوا، متحكّمين في التعليم وفي الإعلام وفي الفتوى، غير أننا نستطيع أن نهمس في آذان صغارنا، بعد أن نُحْكِم غلق الأبواب على أنفسنا، مخافة العسس، أن إسرائيل هي العدو الذي يحتل أرضنا وفضاءنا، وأن فلسطين عربية، وأن القدس كاملة عاصمتها. Realize that the battle very difficult, and the balance of power in their favor, but the balance of the dream is definitely in our favor, with almost mathematical equation is correct: All advocates of normalization with the Zionist entity against the Arab Spring find them. Look around, I hear and read and follow the attitudes and shifts, you'll find the most joy revolutions anti-backed Israelis, which came to burn the Arab Spring was born in 2011, they crunch camp in front of the American Zionist will, and the clearest Vjura in calling for normalization with the occupier entity, and the most motivated to break with the “Enthusiasm” And anti-Arab resistance projects. And, it will not be arbitrary if it used the position of Israel, as one of the tools to measure the distance between the person or party or current, and the revolutions of the Arab Spring, as it often will not find Ttabieia with the spring, you will find Rabieia with normalization. Look at the state of euphoria that Taatari Ali Salem and Abdel Moneim Said, and the barons “Copenhagen group” Notorious, and they write about the triumph of villains revolutions counter to the Arab Spring, then look at the case of national joy in the Zionist entity breaking of the project of change in the Arab world, will feel, at first glance, like you are in the process of celebrations revenge of revolutions, which re-Drama burning Israeli flags, and chanting against the occupation and crawled to the border, in an attempt to cross into Palestine, to counter aggression. I wrote in this sense, with the first views of this window about two years ago following “When shone on the Arab spring sunshine, the Zionist entity hair frost, she started the throats of young roaring cheers again to Palestine, and opened a book of land and blood, and read the new generation lines on this issue of buried history under the rubble of decades of corruption and tyranny, and regained rose aromas memory, Vhpt breezes longing for the Liberation of the occupied territory , after he saw Arab youth, seen as rebellious, that the liberalization process of the Arab human being has been, or soon”. The most closely related to the draft coups and counter-revolutions are also the most willing to normalization with the enemy, find them Lenin very question of the relationship with Israel, militants for the last over, in regards to the relationship with “Brotherhood” or “Enthusiasm” Or any project irresistible. هل هي المصادفة التي جعلت حزب النور السلفي في مصر، مثلاً، هو الأكثر ولاءً وطاعةً لسلطة الانقلاب، وفي الوقت نفسه، كان أول من أبدى استعداداً للسير على طريق التطبيع؟ في نهاية العام 2011، فوجئ الجميع بأقوال المتحدث باسم حزب النور السلفي المصري، في مقابلة غير مسبوقة مع إذاعة جيش الاحتلال الإسرائيلي، يعلن فيها أن حزبه سيحترم اتفاقية السلام الموقّعة مع إسرائيل عام 1979 “We are not opposed to the Convention, but we say that Egypt is committed to the treaties signed by previous governments”. When asked about the possibility of the arrival of Israeli tourism to Egypt, the response was “Any tourists come to Egypt will undoubtedly do hello”. At the time, the world was turned upside down, Nour Party and denied knowing the identity of the radio, but he did not deny what his spokesman responded voice, and I think that if you ask any “Nuri” آخر من هذا التيار الأليف الآن عن تصوّره للعلاقة مع الكيان الصهيوني، فلن يقول كلاماً مختلفاً.

the source : Arab New

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