Sep 25, 2023

Wael Kandil writes: From the Balfour Declaration promised to Sawiris

Wael Kandil writes: From the Balfour Declaration promised to Sawiris

Well, Mr. Naguib Sawiris wants to give the Syrians a national homeland in Europe, the way they got out by the Zionists on the promise of a national home on Ofalwna, in occupied Palestine, a century ago. Did not tell us, Mr. Naguib Sawiris, then what to buy two islands in Europe, in order to Syrian refugees, and to be of the same idea, do you want to resettle them permanently, in the UN framework of the project to unload Syria of its population, or looking for rehoused temporarily, even placed Scenarios for the future?

Europe looks sullen in the face of Syrian refugees, weeks after the outbreak of the wave of mass immigration to the Syrians, across the Mediterranean, and the old continent ignite controversy and fights about quotas and numbers, and the absorptive capacity of each country to receive the number of asylum seekers. It is an opportunity for Europe to remember Jnaatha the right of Palestine, or her crime, specifically crime Britain, words of the late British author, Joseph Jeffries, owner of the largest and most dangerous and most accurate document on the establishment of the crime of the Zionist entity on the ruins of Palestine, massive typing “Palestine you the truth”, Which was published in 1939, and translated into Arabic Ahmed Khalil al-Haj, decades ago. It seems the world, at this moment, ready, once again, to reward the Nazis at the expense of the Arab Gender.
In the first, Europe rewarded herself, after talking about the Holocaust in Nazi ovens in Germany, that got rid of this disturbing presence, through involvement in a plot to bring the Jews in the land of Palestine, the Arab population who have been massacred and displaced outside the home to account. At this time also, Europe equivalent to the Nazi regime in Syria for his crimes against his people, that his conversion to the waves of asylum seekers to it, but, this time, talking about assimilation in their communities, rather than giving them a national homeland substitute, in the same way that granting the who does not have (British Balfour) Who do not deserve (Jews of Europe) And tons in Arab Palestine.
غير أن السيد نجيب ساويرس، أحد المموّلين الكبار لهولوكست 30 June 2013 In Egypt, he decides, this time, be dressed as Mr. “Balfour”، ويعلن استعداده منح السوريين جزيرتين في جنوب أوروبا.
The question here: If the international community humane and compassionate to this degree, why not think of granting the Syrian people homeless and a national homeland in Syria? Why choose Europeans hardest, receiving refugees from different cultures and values, to integrate them in their communities, what the difficulties in linguistic communication, to make the Nazi dictator them and their problems, and their demands in a respectable life?
It was inconceivable, after the world watched the tragedy of the mass escape from the Syrian Holocaust, to wake up consciences, moving blood in the veins, and begin serious and effective action to resolve the problem at its roots, which summarized the German press very simple sentence, addressed to Angela Merkel, that only one person receive him Europe as a refugee, could solve the node, is Bashar al-Assad, instead of this torment which profoundly regret the Syrians on the border between European countries?
The same question can be directed to Mr. Naguib Sawiris: Instead of spending your money in the purchase of Islands to the Syrians in Europe, why do not you stop your support for the generous tyranny, in Egypt, which in turn constitutes a basic incubator, and one of the sources of arming machine genocide practiced by the Syrian regime against its own people? It can also begs the question on Nabil Elaraby, Secretary-General of the Arab League, which is starring in his latest comments about the Syrian tragedy, saying that the Security Council gave up on international responsibilities in relation to the Syrian crisis?
Good question, but it refers to another question: And what did the League of Arab States in the national responsibilities, both in terms of plot or Syria Judaization of Al-Aqsa Mosque? Arab observer of the situation knows that no one contributes to the slaughter of the Syrian revolution in its infancy, as it did the Arab League, while provided by one cover to the massacres of the regime against the people, Nabil Elaraby, what he wants from the Security Council? Most probably he wants more rewards UN Bashar al-Assad on the daily massacres against civilians, like not enough that the worse the disaster displacement from Syria, increased European and American his gifts, not to mention the full embrace of Russia, to the extent that it is no longer in it a secret that forces Russian is fighting the battle on the ground, next to Bashar al-Assad army. He decided the world, at the moment of full alienation of conscience and human values, to reward “Nazis” On Mhargahm.
في القديم، كافأت أوروبا نازيتها على حساب العرب، والآن يكافئون النازي العربي، على حساب العرب أيضاً.

the source : Arab New

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