Sep 26, 2023

After he died of a heart attack. Learn about the son of the ruler of Dubai

After he died of a heart attack. Learn about the son of the ruler of Dubai

Dubai Ruler's Court of mourning declared in Dubai for 3 Days and flags on circles and governmental institutions in the Emirate on the death of Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, declared that the body of the late prayer will Zabeel mosque Saturday evening and then hidden away in a cemetery or the rich Growl Bur Dubai.
Following is the profile of the late:
Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed bin Rashid bin Saeed bin Maktoum bin Hasher bin Maktoum Bin Butti Bin Suhail Al Maktoum was born in Dubai 12 November (November) 1981, The largest sons, Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, male, and three of his sons in terms of standings after Heiktin Manal and share.
He studied and graduated in Dubai in the Rashid Private School, before moving on to Sandhurst Academy and graduated the year 2002.
Knew the late passion for the sport of horseback riding, and in the year 2008 He took his first position as head of the Olympic Committee of UAE.
In 22 July (July) 1998 Finished second in the race and Aklohilz Ireland.
In 22 August (Weather) 1998 Crowned Championship Aznberg international challenge to distance 130 Km, Switzerland.
He won the gold medal in the Emirates team winning the European Open Junior Championships in Donachajn Germany, 14 August (Weather) 1999.
In 27 May (May) 2000 He managed to grab the championship title for Italy's ability to distance 160 Km.
In 26 July (July) 2000 Grabbed Al Maktoum Cup for Ireland's ability to distance 200 Km.
In 29 October (October) 2000 Was crowned champion of the race Bizalao for a distance of 102 km, Spain.
In 29 September (September) 2001 Post crowned UAE riders in the European Open Endurance Championship Italian region of Perugia, grabbing the gold medal in the singles competition.
In 12 May (May) 2002 He was crowned champion of the race for the Head of State Award, Australia's ability to distance 200 Km over two days.
Win the title Emirates Endurance Championship “Masters” Which was held in 19 May (May) 2002 Ireland, for a distance 122 Km, is crowned as champion of the Cup race Ireland's ability to distance 100 Km.
In 17 August (Weather) 2002 Crowned Championship Viackstan capacity “Masters” For a distance 120 Km, Spain.
In 31 August (Weather) 2002Italy saw the culmination of the title of Costa Smeralda Championship “Masters” For a distance 120 Km.
At the beginning of appearances summer 2003 On the European stage was crowned champion of the Tour de France's ability to distance 160 Km, and its activities, which took place in the French city of La Baule.
In season 98/1999 Issued the order of the Knights in the global Emirates Endurance Award.
End of season 98/1999 Officially crowned champion of the riders in the world, after the issue of the rankings of the Knights of ability.
In 14 December (December) 2006 He won the gold medal at the Doha Asian Games, so he called the world “Masters champion” or”Mr. Masters”, Also won the gold medal level difference.
The number of competitions in which horses participated until today 159 Race, and he won the first place 25 The second time 32 And the third time 13 Once.

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