Feb 21, 2024

Structure and Sisi: Infallible and traumatized .. By: Wael Kandil

Structure and Sisi: Infallible and traumatized .. By: Wael Kandil

No mention of Mohammed Hassanein Heikal, a professor as it is called Hawwaeriwa and Shiites, made no mention of close to, or from afar, throughout the celebration his family and distant third and ninetieth birthday, to what is going on in occupied Jerusalem, from the Zionist attacks on holy sites, is the most violent, since the end of the sixties. Did not draw his view, neither he nor Ndmaah, that the Israeli bombardment is going on in Gaza, and that the war waged by the Egyptian forces, against the besieged Palestinian people, which made similar thereto Press “the professor” As an epic, epic-like smashing the Bar Lev Line. Did not draw something from that view, or bring to his attention, to be the subject of chat extensive, all Egyptian affairs, and published by the newspaper sunrise two days ago, Vchgl man concern is the future of the coup, who was one of his engineers, and the fate of the general who had just Professor days he is able to return to his youth Nazareth, that is bestowed upon him from Nasser features and qualities. يبدو الأستاذ في هذه الفضفضة أقرب إلى إعلان فشل قوانين الهندسة الوراثية في تخليق الزعامات السياسية، فالسيسي في نظره مصدوم، من دون أن يشرح ويقول إن الصدمة دائماً ما تكون مصاحبة للصغار، حين يجدون أنفسهم في مقاعد الكبار، يرتدون جلبابهم الواسع الطويل، فيتعثرون في مشيهم، وتصعقهم صورتهم في المرآة. Says the man a half-truth, and hides most importantly, is that the “the current situation” Sisi shock that hit is made Sisi, as a coup structure play the role of a thinker, was not a situation inherited, narrated any shock talking about? However, the most dangerous thing contained “Get together Professor” Those, miserable outlook for the media, as if the man was still sitting on his desk, and the Minister of Information, which is “Counseling” In totalitarian regimes, it comes strangest characterization of the state of confusion, delirium professional and ethical degradation experienced by the Egyptian media these days gel, was contained to the fact that the political discourse is absent, and therefore “This adversely affects media content”, Also he answered structure. In summary, here, he did not see in the media only political power mirror, or rather, the hairdresser of her, as if the political discourse / official / is the one who sets the agenda of the work of the media device, and puts him the lines that follow them, and spaces that moves them, and that is exactly the media definition , as it was with the Nazi and fascist. No diligence, not creativity, not exceeding specified ceilings, authoritarian, not out on the lines drawn and roles. That sample Ahrv by Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, since his ascension to power, repeated talking about the effort made by the coup institution in the media arms and planting industry, and his insistence that it is not solely responsible, but official media with him, to control the public mind and guidance, where you want to power , to get to this situation, which is now with sorcery summit creativity, Altakrev utmost modernity, and lies and fabrications, together, the utmost skill and efficiency, and anti everything that is constant and authentic values, national standard and belonging. It was the first of humans Balsesa structure leader and drove him from the Nasiriya Fashion Fund, and clothe them, before “Baptized” As the new leader of necessity, what happened, in order to express all this fear of the future? What was also to lose “Lamis” Monopolistic advantage, and is unable to host “the professor” على شاشة رجل الأعمال المخلص للجنرال؟ في مثل هذه الأيام من العام الماضي، كان هيكل يحتفل، تلفزيونياً، بعيد ميلاده من ناحية، وبعودته للاقتراب من الجنرال مجدداً من ناحية أخرى، ليقول مخاتلاً “I want to tell you something: The disadvantage of age on the one hand say that I am the first adviser to President. One drawback, historical experience, to say it, I am not a man of all time, my culture, even political, not suitable for it, because it generated knowledge and experience in a particular time, and my presence near it may be disturbing to allies in the region, especially that I have a certain known positions”. وفي الحوار نفسه، طلب هيكل لنفسه صفة “cardinal” A hint, when he said to the one that was monopolized by the following “When he was elected the new pope, the Holy Synod, the something new, did not take the sight of him, before the smoke Boloanh rise, they said that times have changed, and the center of the decision became of paramount they have importance, we must strengthen the decision-making center, which Pope center, he has to accept in his office with eight cardinals are not advisers, because they are important, Pope infallible and the Vatican is not a state fights, but the Cardinals and all the council unanimously agreed on the importance of moral role, at least in light of the global changes rapidly, and therefore, the Pope center is bound to be strongly supported by intellectual and experience, knowledge and ability on dialogue and discussion”. هل عرفت، الآن، كيف تحول السيسي، في نظر هيكل، من “Infallible” to me “Shocked”؟

the source: Arab New

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  1. يذكرني موقف هيكل
    بذاك الرجل الذي كان واليا لمعاويه علي احد المدن البعيد
    واراد مع …اويه عزله كاتبه ان يحضر اليه وادرك الاخر انه سيعزل فتاخر

    وبعد مدة جاء فساله معاويه ما اخرك حيث طلبتك..
    فقال شغلني عنك يا امير المؤمنين
    امر جلل فقد تفكرت ان اصابكم سوء ما الذي سيحدث لامة محمد.. فهيئت الامر ليزيد بن معاويه..
    قال او قد فعلت قال بلي
    قال ارضي الناس
    قال رضوا واشادوا
    فاعجب ذلك معاويه فرده الي حكمه
    مع ظلمه وافتراءه وحين خرج الرجل من عند معاويه قال لقد وضعت قدم معاويه في مغرز لن تفيق منه امة محمد الي يوم القيامه

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