Feb 21, 2024

Ihsan al-Faqih: Ya " Sisi slaves" And, " Okoye lovers.. Why do not you read this?

Ihsan al-Faqih: Ya " Sisi slaves" And, " Okoye lovers.. Why do not you read this?

Published writer, journalist Ihsan al-Faqih tweet via computed on the social networking site “Twitter” Included:

O servants of Sisi lovers Weah leader Hero (abdelnaser)
Why do not you read this:
Windmills Nasser
Before talking to me about tournaments leader Nasser and before that stuck employment and selling my Palestine kings who have not and will not defend them every day kings and rulers and the founding in dealing with the enemy either .. And all of them, and they sold me Baok for their thrones and their gains and their safety is not conspire ruler over Palestine and the nation and religion Vlaotna the last position of the aggression on Gaza and the wars of extermination of Islamic movements at the very least.. *Before that describe me what belongs to you of the qualities of perfection or inferiority and Altboukas .. Read this Aaahq leader Hero Nasser..
1- Why Abdel Nasser asked Khaled Mohieddin ( One of the Free Officers close to Nasser ) Delete the words (Anglo-colonialism - US ) The use of the words (British colonialism ) Free Officers in publications by the success of the revolution months later ???
2- What opinion Nazarenes Ahmed Hamroush ( Free Officers of the participants in the revolution ) Recognizes the occurrence of contact between Nasser and the representative of US intelligence before the Revolution?
3- Why gave US intelligence Nasser armored Cadillac car and a policemen to organize his bodyguards and security alarm at his home ???
4- Why Ashraf "Kkermt Roosevelt" American Ambassador himself on the deportation of King Farouk and pledge his safety after the success of the revolution ??
5- Why chose Abdel Nasser journalist, "Mustafa Amin," a spokesman for British colonialism and his newspaper ( today's news ) Which was calling for vendors Gazette: ( Read the newspaper the British Embassy and the US ) - Why chosen to be speaking on behalf of the newspaper Revolution ??
6- What opinion revolutionaries Nazarenes meeting "Roosevelt and the structure and Mustafa Amin," who agreed that ( Mohammed Najib was not suited for the presidency of the Council of the Revolution ) It is Roosevelt and the structure and the Secretary to decide the validity of Egypt revolution ??
7- Why appointed leader Nasser Sagh (Pioneer) Abdul Hakim Amer to lead the ancient Egyptian army ???
8- Why escaped, "Mohamed Fawzi" Night of the revolution, saying to his colleagues: ( You do not have to do with what you are doing ) Uهza { Fugitive} In the black comedy of Nasiriyah become commander in chief of the Egyptian army, succeeding Marshal Amer !!؟؟
9- Why before Nasser's revolutionary nationalist secession of Sudan for Egypt while stuck out the monarchy ( Rotten) He used to say ( Do not cut off my hand cut off Sudan ) ؟؟
10- Why did Abdel Nasser to demobilize all of it is above the rank of Bkbai (First ) They rank Abdel Nasser after the success of the revolution and that the Egyptian army lost 500 Officer of the finest leaders without charge or trial and without a military council ???
11- What opinion Nazarenes attempted assassination of Mohamed Naguib first president of the revolution by memoir "Abdul Latif al-Baghdadi," and its terrorism and humiliated to the point of attachment to the mantle of King Abdul Aziz and begs him to take him or leave him at the mercy of his comrades in the revolution ??
12- What opinion Nazarenes words of Khalid Mohiuddin : (The assassination of Abdel Nasser in the accident Mansheya been hatched by Nasser as a pretext to eliminate the Muslim Brotherhood and liquidated ) ..؟
13- Why Nasser cut the defense budget by war 56 The year before the war 67 Year also ??
14- Why neglected Abdel Nasser received warnings that an imminent attack in the war 56 On the contrary, says al-Baghdadi : (It ordered the withdrawal of guerrillas from Gaza and Sinai unloading of armies ) , Becoming a (Bare) According to the term "structure" which allowed Israel to land in the heart of Sinai Bmazladtha without loss ??
15- Why is Major General Nasser Sidqi Mahmoud, commander of the Egyptian Air Force aircraft to leave the runway without flight, which led to a complete break in one hour while the invaders decided to plan two days !!؟؟
16- What opinion revolutionaries Nazarenes proverb Baghdadi : ( When the news came about dropping off soldiers and umbrellas in Heliopolis happened Makint not ..vkd troubled Nasser saw it coming and thought of Sons !!! He asked to work on immediately transferred to Qanater ..) ؟؟ 17- What opinion revolutionaries Nazarenes narrative that al-Baghdadi : ( During the war 56 Abdul Hakim Amer Babdanazar was alone and offered him stop fighting and surrender to the British )!؟
18- During the war 56 Why Abdel Nasser ordered the withdrawal of the eight battalions of Aljbh which crossed the Suez Canal and the Sinai toward decline, which led to : captivating 5000 Officer leaving 30000 Thousand Egyptian troops in the open desert barefoot, naked chased by Israeli planes in what looks like a game hunting humans ??
19 - What is the opinion of the Nazarenes who believe that Nasser triumphed in war 56 Although it no air raid weapon is ordered armies in the Sinai withdrawal sudden decision !!.. Proverb orders that led to the occupation of Sinai completely turned the Egyptian army is a text Nasser : ( The remnants of a broken army ) He was crying and says, (Hzmni armies) ؟؟
20- Why put Nasser in war 67 The same leadership defeated in war 56 .. Mahmoud Sidky commander of the Air and Abdel Hakim Amer commander of the army?
21- Why America stood alongside Abdel Nasser in the tripartite aggression war 56 ؟؟
22- "Miles Copeland," in his book (Game UN ) It confirms that Nasser was a puppet of the CIA and they were the ones writing his revolutionary speeches and issued in book 69 And Nasser alive !! So why did not come from the leader or one of his followers to discredit the book, but merely blocked ?? And even odder that Miles visited Egypt after the publication of the book did not prevent him from entering Leader !؟
23- What opinion Nazarenes proverb Copeland in his book, p. 240: (While the wise people in Washington upset of anti-American tone in letters Nasser black propaganda directed against us from Radio Cairo you can guess from writing these letters? We were we) !!؟
24- Mr. evidence recognition .. What opinion Nazarenes recognition of "structure" - philosopher Nasiriyah, her voice resounding and intimate friend of Nasser- On the cover of his book in English (Assad tail cut ): ( Nasiriyah is not the only chapter of the story of the establishment of American hegemony and control and place the old colonialism ) ؟
25- What is the opinion of the Nazarenes proverb Copeland in his book: ( Since 1958- 1966 America provided for Egypt $ 500 million in aid to Egypt, which was to justify it to the public tribute paid by America submissively !! Fearing the wrath of the leader !! But the painful truth is that the leader needs to convince fans that the only revolutionary revolutionary struggling against enemies predators !! It has to be installed windmills that win them every day crowd cheers him and rallying cries with his life !؟

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