Feb 22, 2024
Osama Morsi writes: An Open Letter to Dr. Saif Abdel Fattah .
Osama Morsi writes: An Open Letter to Dr. Saif Abdel Fattah .

Dr. Osama Morsi wrote in a letter to him through his personal commenting on some of the points made by Dr. Saif Abdel Fattah in his dialogue with Osama Jawish media about his time as a consultant with President Mursi, where he wrote the following:

An Open Letter to Dr. Saif Abdel Fattah …
Strictly followed the prolonged meeting with the media, Osama Jawish riding my pen and Orqati .. With my sincere appreciation to you personally I have a few remarks of dishonesty not Obdiha .
I will not go to you Dr. Saif entrance of virility and lack of fitness of all parties dialogue unilaterally listed without reply rights … But being a witness to that stage, like me, like many of the youth of the revolution and the fact that more privacy Rizki -allowasa- To be a son of this man I must mention the following :
Beginning not Ieibkm Tcolo The Astqaltkm that was a big mistake but Ieibkm excuses Waahiyaat market Capra the truth … You claim that you are the president warned of blood while you well know Tkdemtem Bastqaltkm precious constitutional declaration and after you have shown your desire before the clashes and the occurrence of blood that Adeeetm it in the neck of the man who issued a constitutional declaration originally injected in order to .
Second : The issuing constitutional declaration President Tatars people no group or class and only V.e.tkm do not understand the objectives of the constituent authorities to issue declarations and constitutional review in this regard all texts Alharhat constitutional jurisprudence in the modern state .
Thirdly : The president's speech at the Federal declaring before the rally and therefore everyone was invited to attend was chosen as the place to avoid a clash with the opposition, which rallied in last place in order to stop the bloodshed that loves suspended in the neck of the man.
Fourthly : President seeks help Bjmaath was not in the Federal speech but was highlighting his position and undertakes what is coming .
Fifthly : Speaking with the plot and the power of decision, which is owned by the President was calling for you to resign and not the other, how blame him for what Astenkvt that the Tnzareth .
VI. : Yourself and you and others Ltm and Artpettm Astqltm and arrows for fear of conspiracy and parties fear that political Ngbroa of your clothes vulgarities Orazl people, a role for which ye man that you begin the journey home with him for the goals of the revolution
VII. : Not one of you Aab resignation did not take the stand always with guns that your business with Morsi “And the person President” No charge but Ohspk I said before in a private boards that great honor
VIII. : Atk to the man who possessed the courage of his and Ozark died down and the sins of others did not at least one day that he does not make mistakes .
The truth sir you mispronounce us not to have insulted President followers and viewers employers and public work and home-goers revolution while I thought that we are naive or stupid to tell us what it was yesterday near a reality we live .
I will not pretend that I was shocked by what I said in this episode, but I think you're right to say the blood and the struggle months after the coup encouraged us all to recognize our own mistakes … All … However, your good self
And the conclusion of peace

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  1. Delivered, cream, I'm honored by the chest and reached and stayed argument, dzak God and raised you good

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