Feb 21, 2024

They said " died at Salem" .. By: Ahmed Ghanem

They said " died at Salem" .. By: Ahmed Ghanem

Said Matt ‫#‏Aly_salm ..Creative writer who Odgna a child and I was watching a play school Almchagbin..oobakana teenager on our nation backward if I was watching a play in the governance of peoples Pkaloriues.
I told them, but died on the Salem since Zmn..mat on Salem and sold us making fun of the military rule of the people in his plays at a time when it sells itself and its history and his fans and his country to the military in order to buy their satisfaction throwing out everything called for in his works of art.
He died on the Salem when he did not find nothing wrong in going to the defense of Israel and normalization of relations with its system, which suppresses the uprising and calling for conciliation with Israel, as an advocate for peace at the same time turning it from “Peace activist” to me “The godfather of massacres” Bless his countrymen killed violators of his mind and sees no invitation to come to terms with them “treason” To the homeland!
He died on the Salem and died with him a generation of “Intellectuals” Torre, who removed them 25 January and the subsequent last fig leaf was the disappearance of intellectual nakedness and outright hostility to the most basic values ​​that they espouse!

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