Oct 3, 2023

Khalil al-Anani writes: A statement he didn't write it " brothers"

Khalil al-Anani writes: A statement he didn't write it " brothers"

“To the great Egyptian people:
We, the Muslim Brotherhood, for the depletion of our ability and our attempts to bring down the third path of July 2013 Who turned against democracy, and pounced on the will of our people and chosen in free and fair elections 2012 That brought the first elected civilian president to power in Egypt's modern history. Has shouldered the group, for the past two years, what has not borne any movement or another political faction in Egypt, repression and harassment, arrest, chase and kill, in order to silence us and force us to surrender to the reality of a new authoritarian. The payment of our youth and our elders and our men and our women and children, along with young people and men and women are free from many of the nation, a high price for the restoration of the democratic process, and to save the glorious revolution, revolution 25 January. But, Trbest us the forces of counter-revolution and its institutions and its allies. Where tarnished the January revolution, and arrested the finest young people, it has been defended by all of its values ​​and demands and mutilation, was distrust of all participated, was charged with conspiracy to employment and home. It seems that a section of the people ratified this nonsense and lies and convinced them.
We say that we paid, and we are still, dearly for the home, and we have tried to reclaim their freedom and freedom of its citizens, and to preserve the dignity of the military choir, and their supporters, internally and externally, but we have failed. As we tried, over two years, to restore life to the revolution of January, through peaceful demonstrations and to stop protest did not stop. But, it seems that the forces of opposition, which refuses to change do not want our revolution to life. So, we came to the conclusion the task, that we Secretariat that to her family, and we call on the people, the living and strength, to assume their responsibility in the defense of their revolution and their dignity and their freedom. So, declare the following:
-Chapter administrative and full regulatory between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party, and return the group to its inherent, movement biome educational and advocacy, do not work partisan politics, but bear being of the Arab and Islamic nation, and abide by the regulations and local laws, without interfering in their branches Affairs, It adopts its approach to intellectual.
-Let freedom for members of the Muslim Brotherhood grade composition of political parties, or to engage in political parties list, respect the principles of freedom, democracy and justice, values, although not necessarily share the intellectual and ideological reference group.
-Re freedom and justice party evaluation of his political positions, and work to correct the errors that have occurred since coming to power in 2012, and to take as appropriate action to correct the relationship with the political parties, and restore confidence with them to build, and work to reach a common political agenda, aimed at building the rule of law freedoms and justice. If the party fails to do so, in a certain period of time, it must search in all other policy options, including voluntary freeze for his political activity, short period of time, in order to rearrange its ranks, and determine the next steps.
-Total rejection of violence, whatever its form, its level and its objectives, and emphasize the full commitment to the peaceful Bmenhjna which we have followed for the past three decades. We declare that it is seen to violence, or justified, or exercised, it is outside the group, and will be permanently separated them.
-We carry the current system, and support him, all responsibility for the blood spilled and lives lost, and freedoms were suppressed belonging to each of the political spectrum, and we assure that their rights will not be time-barred, no matter how long-term.
-We call on the labor and political movements and personalities who believe in a revolution in January, and the ability of our people to stop the injustice that go beyond their differences and narrow their accounts, and to immediately begin a political dialogue, aimed at the completion of the revolution slogan: Dignity, freedom, social justice… Long live the revolution and lived both defended”.
The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt

the source : Arab New

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